Salvatore Ferragamo Fiera Print Tote Bag

This is precisely what happens when a designer has absolutely no idea what to do next. Salvatore Ferragamo, I love your shoes, have had crushes on a few of your bags, but this bag is down right nasty looking. There must be some sort of protocol or list that had to be met for the season; as in there must be 15 new bags produced. The first few are always the easiest (hopefully), then comes more thinking involved, then when you are just at 14 and really needing that last one you put all the extra scrap material together and make a smorgasbord bag. Gag. So here is the smorgasbord handbag, the Salvatore Ferragamo Fiera Print Tote Bag. Granted this is called the ‘signature carnival print’, this print is still nothing but awful in my opinion. There is also randomly placed leather trim which partially breaks up the pattern of lions, tigers, bears… OH MY. Fugtastic through Saks for $840.

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  • Dolphus

    I saw this bag in a Ferragamo shop recently in Italy, and I thought it looked quite nice. It does look much better in reality. Somehow this picture doesnt give the colours justice!

  • tt

    looks like it was inspired by the Panther design by Ferragamo’s daughter Fulvia Visconti.

  • beoytch

    i used to date the guy that invented this bag

  • beoytch

    no way bitch! dats my man! nigga what!? dats right! my name is huy nguyen!

  • Mandy Sheenan

    This is a classic print design bag incorporating 80 years of Ferrigamo designs. i purchased this bag at a cost of Au$1,140.00 in DFC Cairns. QLD I loved it and treated it with the utmost respect, and was REALLY disappointed when the handle fell off by way of the stud falling off, when it was virtually empty! They had no replacement so i was given a refund. i loved the bag so much, and was so upset, that i tracked down another one in the Ferragamo shop in Surfers Paradise. I must say, the first bag lasted only 3 months. My second purchase, they gave me a bargain and an apology and only charged me $1,100. I also got a book which told the story of the design. This second bag fell apart after only 4 months, this time, 2 of the bottom studs fell off through no lack of care….. I am soooo sad, I do not dare buy another, and wonder whether all expensive designer stuff, is actually total shit…

  • Naggy

    This is far too random for me. (ipad)

  • Ellen

    Leather handles aside, this looks like a $15 handbag from Kmart. How did this come about? (ipad)

  • RuthAnn

    I bought this bag in the Rome airport store in Fall 2007. Absolutely love it. Strong bag. Still looks fabulous. Receive compliments on the bag every day.
    One purchase that has fully paid for itself with sweet memories and pure joy.

  • Rowena

    I have had my fiera tote since 2007. I LOVE IT!!! I love its bright cheeriness and the fact that it goes with everything. Such a welcome change from all the boring bags out there.
    It receives many compliments. Please Mr Ferragamo, make another like it