Marc Jacobs Color Block Pouchette
Marc Jacobs Color Block Pouchette

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Though this is true, many times I really beg to differ. It is easy to sit back and say this phrase when referring to someone else, but when your idea, your grueling work, your sleepless nights, are copied it feels 100% horrible. Actually, it feels so bad you could go find that ‘stealer’ and knock them over the head with a salami. When a huge name like Marc Jacobs ‘imitates’ from an even bigger name, Hermes, do you think there are similar feelings? Most likely not, seeing as Hermes is one of the most exclusive design houses in the world. Furthermore, imitating too closely will only make Marc Jacobs look bad. The Marc Jacobs Color Block Pouchette is a case of imitation gone wrong. When imitating, you must take what you see and do it better, or else it is a total flop. This pouchette is a flop, a colorful disaster, and just does not mesh. The colors are indeed bold but they hurt my eyes with the hues placed together, lilac quilted leather and orange trim. The major problem is the double flap top which is finished off with a turn-lock closure and padlock detail. Marc might as well of come clean and just called it the ‘iconic Hermes padlock’. Not only am I not feeling it, but many of the ladies and gents on the Purse Forum are saying shame on Marc Jacobs! Pre-order through Bergdorf Goodman for $1275.

What do you think: Flattering for Hermes or an embarrassment for Marc Jacobs?

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  • SereneO

    A classic case of an identity crisis!

  • classicbag

    I’m sure there’s someone out there with no style sense of their own who will buy this bag because of the name. What a joke!

  • classicbag

    PS. Does it have a zipper & a magnetic closer, too?

  • Unique

    Those two colors are ugly together.

  • caitlinsmommy


  • Tara

    It’s just sad.

  • suzana

    What makes it worse is that Bergdorf Goodman buyers actually bought the bag to sell to bg customers. See you in the sale section color block pochette! I wouldn’t even buy you then.

  • Deanna Belli

    So sad! MJ is one of my favorite designers, but SHAME ON HIM.
    BTW, tis craptacularly fugly (luv the “craptacular” comment caitlinsmom, so I will borrow it!).

  • prsldy

    When this bag appeared on my screen I truly jumped backward
    in sheer horror. What has happend to this man!

  • iluvmybags

    You know, when I saw the “Bag on a Bag” design I thought it had a similarity to the Hermes bags (they also have the turnlock closure) and I wondered if it was a “copy.” Having seen this one – OMG! – Yikes! Was this designed before MJ’s last trip to rehab? I wonder if it’s being second guessed now that it’s finally been released? I love MJ bags and his originality has always shined thru, but this – I dunno. What were they thinking?? :roll: :shock:

  • mamimeow

    Get over it!!! The bag is OBVIOUS homage to Hermes! DUH! He doesn’t need to say it or put a press release out..jeez, its just a bag! ALL DESIGNERS use each others ideas at some point so don’t go there! I think the bag is nice and its “young and fresh”!! Unlike boring plain orange with a lock and a horse! MJ ROCKS!!!!

  • Kris C.

    it’s an embarrassment for marc jacobs! what a lack of originality! and those colors are hideous together! the lock also look very unnecessary.

  • Kris C.

    it’s an embarrassment for marc jacobs! what a lack of originality! and those colors are hideous together! the lock also looks very unnecessary.

  • luce

    i don’t think it is an embarassment because it resembles hermes, i think it is an embarassment because it is ugly! i mean, all designers work off of eachother at some point or another…but this is just ugly.


    can anyone show a pic of the hermes bag?

  • Bag-JJ

    This is a sad bag…what happened to MJ? He scored huge with Stam bag but this is just overpriced and ridiculous. Dun get me started on the new LV S/S2008 handbags. But i am sure there are still people out there buying both.

  • Peggy

    You are so right, it is such a shame that a “so call designer” who earns millions is just too lazy to think about true new design.

    It is not the first time that he copies. He did it with Sophie Garel Couture Shoes sending one his assistant to the show room, some month later “the shoe” apparead in Allure magazine.

    Shame on him!

  • the only thing similar really is that lock. it might be a shock to some of you but hermes didnt invent the lock. the color may be offbeat but its more young and fresh. i personally like fun colors. sure its not really a classic combo but theres nothing wrong with a little flavor.

  • j’adore christian dior

    i happen to LOVE this bag. i j’adore hermes and i lovelovelove marc. for all of you who think this is an “imitation” its really not, hermes didnt invent this style, its just one they generally use in terms of the lock. i love this bag and i would buy it in a second!

  • MissLoveChanel

    I’m not really opposed to this bag (though it isn’t one I’d buy) and I don’t think the incorporation of one design element, classically assigned to Hermes or not, brands this bag as unoriginal. Locks can be found on many bags nowadays as they have become very trendy since the wide populariztion of Hermes bags. This MJ bag is kind of cute; the colors are combined in a unique but not horrible way. I think orange is lately looking a bit 2005-ish and I’m getting tired of it. To my eye this bag is neither startlingly ugly or startlingly beautiful; it just looks like a bag I’m not personally very interested in.

  • ama

    i have this bag…in my opinion shame for you,not for him…who r u 2 discuss what he’s doing?u’r no one so shut up.if u don’t like the bag that’s ok,no one is asking you to like it…have u at least seen the clutch for real,or just the pic?if you don’t know sh*t about style of course u dislike it,because u can’t even imagine when,with what and how 2 wear that bag.

  • Miss Marina

    I like the idea of it. Minus the lock. Oversized clutches are in. But I feel like different colors are necessary. Like swap out one of the colors and put ivory in, golden! BUt I see where he’s going, he want the bright popping colors.

  • Alison

    love it! fresh and young!

  • lou

    loving it .clashing colours …..vibrant bright would pick up any outfit .love it

  • Kendra

    Interesting design. (fb)

  • AW

    Yep a case of bad color blocking. I’m not sure why they thought a hard bright leather trim would work with dumpy quilted leather in a dirty color but there we have it folks.