Fendi Neon Buckle Wallet

Oh the 80’s. A time of neon colors, MC Hammer pants, leg warmers, big hair, Rubik’s Cubes, and fingerless gloves. Sure it is fun to dress up for a party (key words here are dress up and party) in neon, but to carry it on a day to day basis is a fashion don’t. I really want to meet with Fendi and ask what in the hell is going on with the latest designs. They are laughable to say the least. After the fug that was the Spy, there are now three neon metallic wallets. The Fendi Neon Buckle Wallet is available in the primary colors, red, yellow/orange, and blue, in Zucca print metallic neon coated leather. Why was this done? Somebody help Fendi, ASAP. There is a club nearby that has 80’s night, and a wallet like this would be the perfect accessory for that one night, but other than that I can not imagine pulling this fugly thing out of my handbag. I would turn red with embarrassment and wish to melt away. $395 at eLuxury available in blue, yellow/orange, and red.

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  • human_pudding

    Ok, I think that showing all three of these bags together may be a little overwhelming, and an overdose on florescent colours. HOWEVER, I think that with the right outfit (perhaps all black or a white minidress paired with killer neutral-toned heels) I think that one of these bags (separated from the herd) would look amazing. I think that it would be a super fun pop of colour added to an otherwise plain-looking outfit. Feel free to disagree with me… and maybe it’s the drag queen in me coming out… but I think they’re fun.

    • Ana

      I think these are absolutely fabulous, especially that bright ‘n bold red one. How could you not stand out in a good way holding a hot red Fendi wallet? Love it!

  • Kira

    I second that. I think they’re cute in a wacky way. Certainly, you can’t wear them to work, but you don’t want to be boring and sophisticated all the time. Sometimes you want to have fun!

  • curseda

    I liked at first, the colors, metallic, logo emboss and tot it was cool, until i saw the FF canvas lining inside. They overdid and killed it. :sad:

  • Katie Hart

    I agree with human_pudding I kind of like them with like a nuetral outfit and using them as clutches…

  • ELW

    Like em. I think it would be fun pulling something like that out of your purse.

  • sabrina

    :roll: i kinda like them and i cant find them on eluxury anymore…i wanted to check out the whole thing..i like the yellow or electric blue..what do u guys think???

  • Diamond

    I think they’re cute.

  • fashion_kat

    I think they’re great. Better than boring old black/tan

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love these, I think they could really spice up a dull outfit…HOWEVER, I totally agree that they overkilled it with the lining, which is a shame. A neutral color would’ve tempted me to buy…

  • alice

    so cute! it’ll pull together a conservative outfit or help you find your wallet in your dark purse!

  • hollisterbarbie

    i really think these colors have been going out of style these days, i work on a run way and i think these colors are out of style in many ways


    At first I didn’t care for but can see others point that it would definately be perk up a drab outfit. As far as the zucca lining, I love it!

  • aaamyx

    As a wallet to carry daily, it is a bit ridiculous. But I think it would look great as a clutch. The colors can certainly punch up a simple outfit.

  • eli

    can i just say, for a satrt these are only normal size wallets… and if youve seen them in person you’d know they are fabulous…there was a pink one too which is the most beautiful!!