I’ve been open and honest about my love of the extremely beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Bag. This bag is easy to love – everything about it is beautiful, but also a bit demure. There are so many amazing colors being released, but I don’t remember seeing a fully exotic version until now. With all the positive things that YSL has done with this bag, it is hard to see the wrong. Unfortunately, I see it when it comes to this rendition.

Typically I like python bags, but the color combination and print is just irking me in this instance. It’s hard to run into a bag that I truly love and still find a version that I don’t care for, but that’s what happened. I’m turning to you all to see if you agree, so help me out and fill in the blank! Shop this bag via Neiman Marcus for $5,495.

Fill in the blank: The Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Medium Python Tote Bag is _____.

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  • Sandra

    I think it is beautiful…

  • Natasha

    Come on! This bag is full on class! I can’t believe you would think the antik batik bag is beautiful (which btw i can find better looking ones in Thailand for $5 than that overpriced atrocity) and find this bag lacking. Someone needs to get their eyes checked.

  • kellyx


  • Candace

    Gorgeous! I haven’t seen a version of this bag that I don’t like. Classy, timeless, elegant!!!

  • Chele

    Drop dead gorgeous! I love everything about this bag except the price.

  • gpc

    overdone and overpriced.

  • Ingrid


  • FashionableLena

    I think that because the coloration is a bit muddy. I would venture to say that unless you are close up on the bag that the details won’t be seen.

  • Bianca

    looks nice but only if it had a diff color

  • elle

    Didn’t YSL become SLP recently? The Y is reminiscent of Yohji Yamamoto. Elegant bag, though.

  • LaDon

    GORGEOUS!!! One of the best ‘pythons’ i’ve ever seen!

  • Joanna

    The Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Medium Python Tote Bag is Magnificent

  • bagberry

    …a waste of pythons…

  • klynneann

    gorgeous! There was a ChYc bag from last (?) season in blue, tan and brown leather that I just loved, but it was (and still is, though of course it’s gone now) out of my budget. :(

  • I don’t really like exotics but this is beautiful!

  • Jamie Herzlinger

    Jaw dropping…awe inspiring…Love this bag! Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Jamei Herzlinger

  • kevinkim

    this just looks bad, maybe it looks different in person but it still looks … just bad.

  • makeawish2468

    i think the bag is totally gorgeous! if only i can afford it…

  • ebuypurses.com

    elegant to hand-carry it. But solid color is more durable.