Usually fur bags and accessories are released for fall and winter and then go into hiding until the next cold weather season approaches. But much to my surprise I saw a newer designer, Shrimps, release a couple of faux fur clutches just in time for spring and summer.

These bags are colorful and different, but still took me off guard. There’s a green and yellow version along with an orange and black. Price is $310 via Net-A-Porter. I want to know what you think about it too.

Fill in the blank: The Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch is _______________.

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  • cindyo

    The Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch is my new Pet Bag!

  • David

    The Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch is what happened to Oscar the Grouch when Seasame Street was cancelled….

    • Imgoingbroke


  • Cher

    The Shrimps faux fur clutch is fugly, ugly as sin, U-G-L-Y- you ain’t got no alibi type of ugly. I could keep going, lol..

  • Anonymous

    looks like a high end swiffer duster

    • Abbi

      Haha this had me laughing for like a solid minute!

      • kieraeastedi321

        my mum
        recently bought Kia Rio Sedan from only workin part time online. blog here

  • .. my surprised face in the mirror when I realized how much I like this clutch! I never thought I was capable of loving fully furry bags!

  • Hierophilic

    Like a damn scotchbrite sponge. Ugh.

  • hillary Granger

    Lovely lovely lovely!!!!! The colors are great! It’s not “fugly”

    Remind me of the fur-less dolce