A Closer Look at the New Ferragamo Hug

Unveiled for Fall 2023, the Hug is already a hit


The Ferragamo Hug Bag was first revealed at the brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 runway show. The recently launched new shape has already become a celeb favorite, spotted on the likes of Kylie Jenner and Tracee Ellis Ross, and becoming a staple of the street style set during this past fashion month.

Designed by Maximilian Davis and part of the House’s new renaissance, the Hug Bag’s name isn’t the only thing that is taken from the warm, universal gesture known as a hug. The shape of the bag features folding side panels mimicking a hug. Those panels extend around the front of the bag and lock into the Gancini closures. Honoring the brand’s heritage with its distinct, storied Gancini details, the Hug Bag combines Ferragamo’s undeniable legacy of craft with the elegance and modern appeal of Davis’ Ferragamo.

An Ode to Craft and Creativity

What Davis has done so incredibly well since joining the House of Ferragamo is modernize designs while still staying true to the brand’s distinct DNA. The Hug Bag is the perfect example of this, a true ode to the Ferragamo history of excellence and expertise.

Arriving in various types of leather, from brushed calfskin to textured, grained leather, the Hug Bag is simple but chic, with sleek details that add a unique edge. The Hug combines a minimum of 18 pieces of leather for the top-handle style and 27 pieces of leather for the clutch. Paired with nine to 16 frame elements depending on the style and hand-lacquered edges, each Hug Bag takes five hours of skilled craft.

With protective metal feet and a sleek embossed logo, the Hug shines in bold shades of midnight blue, yellow, and red as well as quiet neutrals of white and black. The Hug Pouch retails for $2,900, while the small and large Hug Bag are $2,900 and $3,400 respectively.

Discover more below and shop the Hug Bag now via Ferragamo.

Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 2
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 9
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 8
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 6
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 13
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 7
Introducing the Ferragamo Hug Bag 15


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  1. Mia Avatar

    Ferragamo has always epitomized luxury craftsmanship and no one ever complains about quality. Need to check out this bag in person.

  2. Mia Avatar

    Um, my first impression was a wanna-be Bolide trying to resemble a Kelly.

    But it is interesting.

    1. Mia Avatar

      Just realized the first comment was also by a Mia! But we are not the same Mia’s! 🙂

  3. Eva Avatar

    The black pouch reminds me of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

    1. Adangerousbeauti Avatar

      I cant unsee it

  4. psny15 Avatar

    Interesting bag

  5. Lori Avatar

    I really want to love this bag, but it is a swing and a miss for me. The design feels dated, yet the bag is brand new.

    1. Passerine Avatar

      Same. I like Ferragamo and have seen this bag IRL at the Ferragamo store in Zurich but it’s just not doing it for me. It’s nice enough but nothing special

  6. A Woman Of A Certain Age Avatar
    A Woman Of A Certain Age

    So it’s a design mimicking an open Kelly/Birkin?
    If the clasp bukcled it would be clever because it isn’t actually how you access the bag, unlike the very awkard Hermes.
    Nice try, but a miss..

  7. Angela Avatar

    I was just in Florence at the original Ferragamo store and bought the pouch! Such a cute bag – much better in person than it looks in pics. Leather is absolute butter…and it has a hidden zipper pocket on the front that is perfect for your phone! Comes with a removable strap as well to wear it as a shoulder bag….none of which you see until you see it in person. Very versatile!

  8. annetta Avatar

    As a Ferragamo fan with their classic, minimal and some feminine designs, I dislike this. Their other newer bags (like Wanda) is better. why the Kelly-esque details? I’m so tired of seeing it; YouTube is saturated by Parisa Wang bags with the same details. Why?

    The only thing I like about this is the dainty Gancini. I myself love the their Ferragamo’s Vara bow. Would like to see their ‘modern’ spin on it.

    1. Sue Avatar

      Exactly!!! I do not get why Ferragamo tries to attract young instagram-obessed people. They should have stay as a quiet luxury brand. They changed their name and logo too little too late(unlike Burberry or Saint Laurant). I have always loved their classic aethetic but now they lost.

    2. Aspen Avatar

      The Wanda is a re-release. Not a new design.

  9. Sego-Irm Avatar

    My first thought was that it looks like a Alexander McQueen DeManta

  10. jiljenner Avatar

    This reminds me of a domed version of the Akris AI bag, which I also find intriguing. I have a friend with a healthy collection of AIs, and they are so fun to pack and style for the day. The straps can be left undone, for a tote effect; single-strapped, for a harried effect (which my friend instead calls ‘asymmetrical’); or double-strapped, to capture the full folded effect.

    However, the straps on the Ferragamo version seem to serve a more aesthetic purpose, instead of functional, and I can’t imagine how this bag might look unfolded. Part of the fun of the AI is that the bag itself has at least two disparate forms.

    This is a very long-winded way of saying this bag seems a more formal version of the Akris AI.

  11. Loch Avatar

    So do the straps come together or just hang? I’m confused ….