Fendi Yellow Patent Leather B Bag

This wacky winter weather has varied from undoubtedly blizzard-y in some areas and overly balmy in others. For those of you looking forward to spring/summer 2007, get ready for bright and bold colors. While shopping today bold, daring, and beautiful colors were splashed all over handbags, shoes, and clothing. One of the hottest colors for spring/summer 2007 is yellow. The Fendi Yellow Patent Leather B Bag rings in the New Year with yellow patent leather and brass hardware. Totally sexy, totally bright, and totally the color to look for this spring/summer. Available via Net A Porter for $1730.

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  • I still say this bag looks like matronly mammaries… ::don’t kill me::

    I do like the bright patent leather, however.

  • fashion in the making

    In my point of view, I see two big bananas inserted into something. My question is why is it when a bag gets popular the lack of talent of the designer is to have the same bag and just change the color and the material. That is just my opinion

  • Its quite nice on a bright summers day though!
    IMHO, Paired with a plain white dress, sunglasses and flip flops or wedges and it;ll look great!

    I guess with a loud bag like this, you gotta know how to work it! Otherwise…even the fashion police won’t be able to save you! ;)

    I think with this bag, you’d either love it or hate it. No in between-ers! ;) *winks*

    Bagaholic Babe

  • I like it, but I just wouldn’t know what to wear with it! Seriously, jeans and t-shirt just won’t cut it.

  • I would like a bright yellow bag, but not that design and not patent leather.

  • arjana

    hii :smile:

  • sophocles

    this YELLOW bag???
    with the right attitude you can get away with anything.
    it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

    cheers… :grin:

  • Jenna

    omg~!! this bag is so awesome- just wish that it wasn’t as expensive- maybe 1,500-$$$$. Also with the strap i think the yellow piece should have been longer.

  • hermesist

    :grin: I bought and used it all summer. I think it was so good in sunny days. everbody liked it who saw.

  • senorita

    i have this beauty and ive been carrying it everywhere.. so pretty! a total head turner :D

  • ratrace

    omg i love it! the colour is so happy!

  • Naggy

    I hate it more in yellow. Should I call this the “Toilet Seat Bag”? (ipad)