fendi large sequin spy bag1

If you are looking for me, find me hiding in a dark closet in the ends of the Earth behind my ex-beloved Fendi Spy. I should not be embarrassed to own a stunning Honey Spy, but now Fendi is just looking to be dragged into the open and stoned (with soft gummy bears or something, I am not that morbid). These bags are atrocious, the kind that makes you look and laugh out loud and then ponder what the hell is going on at the house of Fendi. This is not stylish, this is a mockery of handbags. The Fendi Large Sequin Spy Bag has silver/gold/brown paillettes and sequins spewed all over the front to resemble either Xerxes face or some sort of monstrous bell-tower dweller. The cluster mess just makes me cringe. If you buy this, people will be able to hear you click-clack-ringing from miles away. I am just at a loss of words. How about Fendi resigns. We are really just waiting for something decent, no more orange metallic fug or over sequin awful hideousness. Help us out please, stop anyone from buying this ghastly piece for an absurd price; Neiman Marcus for $4890.

My own rendition below!

fendi large sequin spy bag

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  • Margarita

    It reminds me of a bird for some reason…
    It’s just so…gaudy. :shock:

  • Olga

    Is this some kind of a joke?

    Fendi just mocks fashion victims with this one I think.

    Your rendition is brilliant!

  • PaulaVida

    That is just silly!

  • Liz

    I am at a serious loss for words. I have never seen anything so atrocious in my life. And the fact that it is almost $5,000……… :roll:

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    I’m ashamed to be a “fendihunter”. I’m now hunting to find a decent Fendi bag. Anybody seen one?

  • JNH14

    :shock: Oh my gawd!!!! Unbelievable fugly!!! What were they thinking and for nearly $5000! Would any woman actually buy this bag?

  • swimandpurses

    all I have 2 say is OMG ppl would pay that much 4 a bag that is uglier than mist GROCERY bags! I’d wear a Walmart bag before this!

  • Joan

    another piece of “art”.
    Who is buying?

    • Olivia

      I agree!!! Not “art” but “fart” from the gods of uglies. Pls. whoever thinks this is nice is a serious farthead!!!!!

  • lovelyloey

    The funny thing is, I’m sure there’s someone out there who genuinely thinks this is nice. :shock:

  • Jada

    This bag is simply hideous!!!

  • christy

    Can you say gross!

  • christy

    Ummmmm not soooo much! I think thats tooooo over the top! :shock:

  • Plain_Jane_Too

    I am insulted that Fendi would even think that just attaching “Fendi” to something like a 1st Grade project would be enough for women to hand them the cash.

  • purseloco

    :roll: TACKY!!!!!

  • suzannah

    well don’t see the strategi why they’re spoiling their own brand and demolish and old IT-bag, it’s devaluating
    all the other spy bags, including my own green, so sad :cry:

  • yingisy

    eeep! it looks like it crawled out of a chainstore… if i hadn’t known it was real and saw it on ebay i would’ve laughed it off as a bad fake… :shock:

  • monsoon88

    Hmmm….not sure what to think of which direction Fendi’s taking on the Spy bag. It’s kinda’ like the age of disco on its last legs, you know?!

    I kinda’ like your rendition better… :smile:

  • highmaintenance

    :shock: atrocious

  • Erin

    Ha, you should submit your version to Fendi. Who knows, at this point they might manufacture it :smile:

  • GuZ


  • Dani

    They are trying to hard or simply trying to use whatever craft supplies they had left over from past bags. YUCK!

  • Panthera

    OMG, that is sooo ugly, some designer in Fendi should be fired! This ugly concoction actually reminded me of some Fendi designs a few years back, don’t know what the name of the collection was, but it looked like some weird metallic multi-hued alien skin, also in a horrible design… wonder if it is the same designer? Really giving up on Fendi now.

  • yenny

    wow! what a beautiful bag!!! (VOMIT)

  • Fiend

    Too tacky for me…

  • Isabel

    Looks like something you can get for $8 from a Chinatown flea market.

  • Mal

    I hate the spy bag to begin with, but this…looks like it got attacked by kids doing arts & crafts. No waaaaaaay. Ew

  • Elizabeth

    That is quite frightening. I’ve personally never been a big fan of the Spy bag collection, but this bag is hideous. It looks like something I would find in a local “Country Gift Shop”. Disgusting.

  • Miund

    omg. what is wrong with this bag? no, let me rephrase it… what is RIGHT with it?

  • Cooltee

    LOL Wtf?!
    I just Love this Bag :grin:

  • Jane

    i think i’ll have nightmares about it :mad:

    it looks disgusting -_-

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  • fugly,fugly,fugly!!!!

    ok…i’ve seen some very cute spy bags but this is the ugliest thing ever… it’s too over the top and it just looks stupid…no one should buy this fugly overpriced bag!!!!!

  • sarah

    I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS BAG FOREVERRRRR!! I can’t believe you all hate it…I just can’t wait to find it on ebay in the future. love it love it love it

  • fuchsiafury

    I love this bag – it’s brash, it’s over the top, and absolutely stunning!

    Sarah, I saw this on overstock.com, selling for $3,500. It’s been snapped up though. So it’s definitely moved from the stores to online. All the best for your quest to find it!

    • tom

      […] museum will publish a catalogue of its Persian ceramics in June […]

  • Hina

    I love this bag and i am seriously thinking about buying this bag unless it is RINGING a mile away. But I am gonna find out………..

  • Hina

    Oh, i forgot to tell Sarah that if she wants to find this bag on Bay someday, she would have to wait foreverrrrrrrrrr………………. Chao

  • Gellato Avi

    I am now convinced this post specially the drawing at the bottom was how the Fendi monster line was born.