Fendi Selleria Tote

Despite what you may think, I am not here to praise this Fendi bag. Actually, it would make sense to send some positive feedback its way, because frankly, it is a gorgeous tote. The embossed horse design in the skin-colored leather is really pretty to look at, the shape looks great as well – this is truely a Fendi that could find many lovers among you bag-loving ladies.

However, I need to voice my disappointment at the quality of Fendi’s Selleria line products. While in the Big Apple last week, Megs, her brothers and mom picked out a Fendi Selleria wallet for Megs’ sister, who was visiting Columbus this past weekend. A random gift from the heart. Shan didn’t even manage to use it for two days until the dye of the stitching appeared to leak onto the leather, leaving noticable dark stains along the stitching itself and also rubbing off on the leather on folded side, opposite to the stitching. We have yet to investigate with Fendi if this is a production error of some sort. The wallet did not get splashed with water, nor was it exposed to any unusual conditions like humidity, heat, cold, whatever.

I do not believe that a product for ~$600 should have its dye ooze and stain the leather. Most certainly not after two days of light use and carrying it around in a tote all day. I will post pictures later once Megs drops it off at my place. I’d love to hear opinions from you guys, maybe you’ve had a similar thing happen with Fendi products in the past.

Regardless, I’d be hesitant to drop over $2,300 on a tote that may end up dissolving in the rain.

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  • Karly

    nope.. dont like it!..

  • Fendishgirl

    What a shame! I was planning to buy this bag in white. I love shape and everything about this bag. I really doubt will go for it after reading this. :sad: Thanks for letting us know.

  • Amy

    I was thinking getting a white one but got a black one instead, there’s also a dark chocolate one was very pretty. I bought this bag because I don’t like anything that’s screaming loud about the designer’s name. I like this bag because it’s a beautiful bag, nice shape, right size, can be dress up or just with tee shirt and jean. I am not worried about the possible damage because Fendi will fix any damage anyway, I even mentioned this blog to the Fendi sales person when i made puechased. 10/04/2010

  • Naggy

    It looks unfinished. (ipad)