I have probably told you all that I will stop talking about the Fendi Spy ten times now. I lied. Fendi realized what a huge fashion impact the Spy has been and won’t stop producing these bad boys. I’m not going to blame them; some of the Spys are to die for. Right now there are two new ones that I am torn between. Torn as in which one I like more. So I will leave it up to all of you to decide between the two beautiful beauties.

Fendi Floral Spy Satchel

First there is the Fendi Floral Spy Satchel. This bag intertwines the ‘it’ color of spring and summer, white, with an intricate floral appliqués on front. Absolutely divine! The hardware is both golden and silver metal and there is a front flap for opening. The handle is the leather spy woven handle that we have seen every time. My heart, my eyes, my wallet… Buy it for $2840 through Neiman Marcus.

Fendi Metallic Spy Satchel

Behind door number two, is the beautiful and subtle Fendi Metallic Spy Satchel. I would be a little less sure about this bag, but after seeing Kelly Osbourne carrying it (yes, odd that I use her as a fashion icon right now) I am in love with this bag too. This spy bag is made with metallic gold/silver leather and shows off woven trim. Accented in golden hardware and metallic gold woven leather top handles, the bag shows of glitz and glam without over-doing it. Honestly, this bag has my attention so well. It could dress up any outfit and is so fun and flirty. Buy it through Neiman Marcus for $2410.

What to do, what to do… both bags are gorgeous!! Would you pick number 1 or number 2?? :-D

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  • thedailyobsession.wordpress.com

    I actually like the metallic one better!

  • Melody

    Count me in for the metallic spy.

  • vanessa

    I am IN LOVE with the metallic spy!!

  • gottahavebags

    i just love them both!!

    i have a question, if it doesn’t have bumps on the woven handle; is it a fake?

  • Michelle

    the metallic one for sure! but my absolute favorite Spy is the Fortuny.

  • thanni

    The metallic one, definitely, absolutely!!

  • Panitta

    The white one definitely!!!

  • Nicol

    metallic for sure but have you seen the multi-colored snakeskin one…..what a killa!!!!

  • jack

    hi, does anyone know ehre to buy this mettalic sachet from fendi? i saw that neiman marcus has it, but i like the version from kelly, wich it seems to me to be bigger than the one availble at neiman.

  • Michelle

    I just bought the metallic Spy Bag Kelly O was seen with and boy is it just fab! I’d pick the metallic any day.

  • Tan

    Has anyone bought bags from fashionbags.me.uk?

    If they have, are they fake or real?


  • Lou Lou

    Yup – can someone please say if they’ve had anything good from this site fasionbags.me.uk – because I usually feel that if something looks too good to be true, then it too good to be true….

    There is no address or contact number for this site, only an aol email address. Why no location for business, or phone numbers?

    They are asking Sterling 260 for what looks like a “marc jacobs” bag…. which is sterling 760 from net a porter.com

    Lou Lou

  • sharon heely

    yehhh, i bought a fendi spy bag from fashionbags.me.uk and i love it , ive now just purchased a dior saddle bag and i cant wait to receive it :mrgreen:

    • angelika

      Hey,can you tell me how long it took to deliver your bag from there?i’m waiting on mine(yeah, I know there’s a postal strike :roll: just when I call them it goes thru to fax,they never email back!!just wondering???how was your service?? :neutral:

  • Christina

    I have a question-
    I was purse shopping at Holt Renfrew and the saleswoman was trying to talk me into the Honey colored spy bag. It was on sale from 2200 down to 1500 and I wondered why? I asked her and she told me there was nothing wrong with it, in fact all the bumps in the leather on the back of it were ‘cool’ and that they mean its a good bag. Is that true or was she just trying to sell me the bag to get rid of it? I have it on hold right now, should I go buy it? Or go for something else?

  • Mary Music

    I just purchased a metallic—-soooooo beautiful! I have several heavily grained spy bags—each one has a skin/personality all its own. 1500. is a great price; I wouldn’t worry about the “bumps;” I (personally) like a strong grain except in a white/ivory bag.

  • Naggy

    These just look like mistakes. (ipad)