We got a peek at Fendi‘s Fall 2010 runway handbags in March, but now that they’ve started to trickle out for retail pre-order, the details of the collection are becoming even more clear. What’s perhaps most striking, however, is how much the collection, now dubbed “Classico,” hasn’t changed.

Accessories are often altered somewhere in the runway-to-retail journey, but the clean lines and clear midcentury influence that we saw on Fendi’s runway are here in almost completely unadulterated form. Even the little tags remain, although these are embossed with the brand’s name instead of the custom initials that each model sported on the catwalk. I continue to hope that personalization will be available through Fendi boutiques, although I have yet to be able to confirm it. Larger pictures and price information, after the jump.

Fendi Classico No. 2 in embossed calfskin, $1540 via Luisa Via Roma.

Fendi Classico No. 2 in zucca, $1400 via Luisa Via Roma.

Fendi Classico No. 3, $1995 via Nordstrom.

Fendi Classico No. 4, $1640 via Nordstrom.

No word yet on what the Classico No. 1 might look like, although there is a Classico baguette that hasn’t been associated with a number thus far.

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  • Kellyx

    I love e last bag!! Elegant n beautiful..i bet it’ll make me look smarter during meetings!!!

  • Jen

    Oh, these are lovely! A little severe in style for my personal taste, but lovely nonetheless.

  • 19yearslater

    These are lovely. They are sophisticated and scholarly. Personalization would be the bow on the package.

  • Jess from Trinsette

    Never a huge fan of Fendi, but the last bag is actually making me want!! I wonder if it’s appropriate to take it to work??

  • Handbag Lover

    I love the last bag for work! Awesome, Great job Fendi!

  • Sonya

    These bags are wonderful!!! They scream style, and class, that is just two of the things that Fendi, is known for giving us girls when we carry one of their bags. They are great!!!

  • marcie

    Love the first one, it’s gorgeous!


  • mikoism

    love these and for FENDI, the price isn’t killing my eyeballs.

  • louch

    I really don’t like Fendi bags – very boring and overpriced.

  • Stacy

    I agree with the other commenters…#4 grabbed my attention as well. It’s phenomenal. It looks so retro 40’s 50’s. Perfect for anyone working in an office (or maybe in a home-office, like moi – hehehe).

  • Staci

    I’m a huge fan of Fendi. I really like the clean lines and the 1st one is my fave!

  • Valentina

    I liked the classico in embossed calfskin. About the rest, I hate that type of leather. Looks like plastic from afar, like a recycled basket ball, stretched. No.

  • Jennifer

    I’m loving the return to a more lady-like, structured handbag. I could never get excited about these slouchy ‘suitcase-like’ bags that were so popular. These are great!

  • Cara

    All four bags are gorgeous! So elegant, chic and timeless yet have a youthful feel! I love the clean lines and they seem like they would be a great size to hold everything! http://www.uptowntwirl.com

  • sunny

    The bags are gorgeous and timeless, especially for people like me who is bagaholic. hehe.

  • HL

    love love love Fendi! check out a fashion comic strip that I just did about Fendi peek-a-boo featuring Anja Rubik, Jessica Stam and Baptiste Giabiconi. hope you guys like it!




    Is beautiful!! Love, love!!


  • Cathy Fossati

    I’m so glad to see smaller bags coming back in to style. So much more proportional to a woman’s size.

  • weaslgrl

    Amanda, I just came back from a lunch trip to the Fendi boutique in Short Hills, NJ. The SA there confirmed that you will indeed be able to get your initials monogrammed on the reverse side of the tag. They’ll arrive in the stores in October. Enjoy!

  • Lovely Pinay

    I love the Fendi Classico No. 2 in zucca.

  • Jill

    The Classico no. 3 just arrived fex ex today from Saks. (to my great surprise, since it was a pre-order that wasn’t expected until Occtober) Love it! A true classic. Just the right size. I am so glad to see a nice structed bag instead of a rumpled suitcase. Very sophisticated, it can hold it’s own with the Kelly or the Birkin.

  • nini

    I love these classic bags…I’m going to start saving. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    it’s cool to go back to 60’s fashion sense, for some people.. but not to me..
    i think i’d rather stick to the current.. next! (ipad)

  • rossy

    can some one pls get me one of these bags i will be very gratefull