Fendi Bag du Jour with Crown EmbroideryJust after you have found your way to my heart with my beautiful Spy, you go and do something stupid. Yes Fendi, I am actually talking to you! While I still care for my Spy like it is my infant, I could care less for a bag that is actually comparable in price and designed by the same designer. Noriko has pointed out this atrocity. Phrases like “Omfg what is this!?”, “That bag is scary!!! Seriously”, “that bag is giving me a headache!”, “WOW, $1900 for that?!”, “That is hideous!”, and “I think the person who designed that needs to return to school- I have seen better bowling bags,” are the first thoughts many of the readers feel. Whether or not you even want to see this bag, let me introduce you to the Fendi Bag du Jour with Crown Embroidery. Everything about it is over-the-top and just wrong for my liking. eLuxury actually made me chuckle out loud at the claim that “you’ll feel like the queen du jour toting around Fendi’s spectacular carryall.” Do anyone of you actually think you would feel that way if you carried this? Made from canvas with jacquered weaving with a tacky crown detail of patent leather and lizard-embossed leather, this bag has far too much going on. My guess would be that Fendi is charging you about $1200 for the vintage Fendi signature plaque in golden metal with two double-F engraved stars on the front. That is the only way that the overall price of this bag makes sense to me. The shoulder straps are made of rope and have a 7.5″ drop and the bag measures 19.5″ (at base; 11.5″ at top) x 12″ x 7″. Even better is the ridiculous price. Explain to me how the Spy was only about $100 more?! For canvas and rope you can own this so un-“du Jour” bag for $1910 via eLuxury.

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  • Naggy

    This would insult any royalty that I know of. (ipad)