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  • Guest


  • Jen

    Why so ugly?

  • Sara

    I hate it

  • FashionableLena

    Not feeling it. For some reason the over-the-top embellishments and design works for Gucci. I’m not feeling it on these. The trompe l’oeil looks cheap. I do, however, like the fringe bags with the metallic accents.

  • Ashman84

    Simplicity and maximalism must be a nice way of saying cheap looking and gaudy.

  • Jerri R

    Ugh so much fur. They look like magnet for dust lint and anything you might spill on it.

  • psny15

    that strip of cotton with the logo is terrible

    im a big fan of prada and have a lot of their products but this collection was underwhelming and disappointing for me

  • jackiequeue

    If someone anonymously left #23 & 26 on my doorstep as a present, I certainly wouldn’t turn them down as a present or anything — that style speaks to me. And the color/texture combo on 18 is TDF. But I cannot get behind the furry handles, I think I would feel like I was dragging a muppet around by it’s tail all day.

  • ECooper

    My old Pradas are looking better and better. I think I will hang on to them a little longer.

  • TheModMazza

    Those furry bags, look like the Monster Book of Monsters, from the third “Harry Potter”.


  • Carrie K

    So far I’ve been disappointed by all the bags from Fall 2017…

  • Yazi

    Looks very ordinary

  • Vicky

    I like a couple bags here and I can see a kudos to archive. Interesting collection, although may not translate well into real life.

  • lulilu

    I wish prices were available.

  • Choogamo64

    Not a fan of the fur, a little too much going on.