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  • ElainePG

    These have a very Hello Kitty vibe to them. The kind of bags a high school-aged teenager would carry… except what sort of teenager would have the $$$ to buy Fendi? I own several Fendi bags, and love their quality, but nothing here is remotely tempting me.

  • So many cute bags!

  • felix

    Whether you like these or not, you’re style or not. These bags are created beautifully! The craftsmanship is evident in these images. Can’t imagine how these look like in real life, so enamored by the details.

  • FashionableLena

    I love a good embellished, embroidered bag. However, these are too much even for me. The floral bag charms are cool. Love the new straps, but only three bags caught my eye-numbers 2, 18, and 29.

  • psny15

    I’m sure we will see them subdued once they hit the stores but i kinda like this over-embelishment here

  • Bagdiva

    Obsessed with this collection !!

  • Melissa

    Remind me of icing on cake!

    • Lisa

      YES — Hostess Cupcakes!!

  • Alex

    Is it just me or does slide 27 look like it’s made of gingerbread?

  • Okjuliet

    These are beautiful – even if just for inspiration!

    • Daphinelmoore1

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  • Smithy


  • HelloHappylife

    Reminds me of moschino! These may not be for everyone but they are a breath of fresh air to see. I feel like a lot of the new upcoming bags from many designers have been so full & plain.

    • Fendi and Moschino are my two faves, so I love that you made the comparison :)

  • Yoshi1296

    Fendi nailed it this season, the clothes were flawless too. I’m definitely putting the painted floral micro peekaboo on preorder. I need it!!!!

  • ECooper

    More IS more! I love these, they are truly works of art. I would be scared to actually carry one though.

  • Katy ;P

    Cute! But not very practical for everyday use.

  • polly33

    They’re hideous! I love them!

  • Finem Lauda

    Love these, too bad they’re fendi.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    How many straps does a bag need? Regardless, I’ll get my self a Strap You.

  • Janice Vanhouten

    I love this collection! The bags are gorgeous and I see lot of designers following this trend from what I noticed in articles from The Beauty Insiders. I cannot wait until these come out!

  • Wow I love each one, they are all very detailed and pretty.

  • crescent

    Given how embellished (over?) the bags are, a simpler strap would be better.

  • Slim

    Love Fendi, but too much embellishment, takes away from the beauty of the bag.

  • Lori

    I love the square bag with the scalloped edges. But for me, at my age, these bags are totally over embellished. Makes me wonder if my new bag, a “boring” navy tote from Celine, it already out of style! ;-)

  • These bags make me so happy :)

  • Ryn

    The baby pink with the scarf woven throughout is awesome. I need this in my life.

  • TexasST

    I wonder when these will hit the stores, I absolutely must have the pink peony bag charm!!!!

  • lavinia

    Much, too much, too too much. Where is gone less is more? No way I would ever buy a bag like these. Awful.

  • lee alen

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  • Aoedele

    Love ’em all!