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  • BagBabe

    Meh not a fan. They’re boring.

  • Secretly Happy

    I’m always secretly
    clapping with joy whenever my favorite designers/brands release items that are
    WAY OFF my taste/preference (i.e. I did a little inner twirl-skip-and-jump when I saw
    the Chanel Dallas collection). So to Dior Spring ’15, my bank account says ‘thank

  • Karina

    I agree that they do not stand out or scream look at me-but I think they have the potential to become classics. I am in love with the minimalistic elegance of the smaller bags.

  • LOLA

    Waouh! VERY VERY VERY CHANEL BOY. Those Dior bags are not practical at all. Too precious. As a working woman, i can’t see myself with a Dior bag nowadays.

  • Abbi

    I wouldnt think id be so crazy about these bags omg theyre amazing!

    They look a cross over between the BOY and that new Mulberry reverse flap bag (in a good way).

    Im a big fan of Raf Simon’s work at Dior-completely revamped the brand without losing its Dior ‘vibe’.

  • Galliano, come back!

    I’m sorry but that brown/blue (??) contrast stitching on an otherwise beautiful white bag just set off my rant mode…

    IMHO, Simon is overrated/overhyped and his designs look like recycled pieces from the collection of a fashion design school’s graduating senior. Without even going into these hideous bags, his Spring ’15 RTW was dull to say the least. The collection might as well be something made for Banana Republic, J.Crew, Club Monaco, etc.!! It was literally piece after piece of shapeless and unimaginative neutrals topped off by the most puzzling jewel tone silk satin sleeveless long coats…-__-… I just don’t see “DIOR” when I see his work…I wouldn’t say that he’s a BAD designer, but it’s like, c’mon man, you’re designing for the House of DIOR, which has HISTORY!! There’s a difference between trying to modernize the brand vs. outright transforming the brand’s aesthetic altogether, with complete disregard for its philosophy/tradition.

    Say what you will about Galliano’s personal views, but the man was “THE” designer for Dior and every collection from Raf makes me miss and appreciate Galliano that much more…

    • Guest

      my ;

  • Anjelina

    i love dior but this is literally a remake of the boy. i wish designers had more originality these days vs just doing whats basically already been done.

    • Kitty0729

      Agree, Just like chanel boy

    • Annie

      No way- this is a far chicer shape than the Boy Bag! Boy Bag is boring, this has a vintage lady like appeal with a modern twist. Brilliant!!

  • FashionableLena

    They look very old lady and not in the good, classy elegant way.

  • Michelle Lim

    Lurking in the shadow of Chanel’s Boy Bags.

  • Michelle Lim

    LV and Dior are copying the Boy Bag look. WHY??!!

  • Casey

    Aesthetic-wise, I love these bags. I just can’t get over how much they look like the Boy. However, the clothing itself was amazing.

  • Adelia Erdie

    Please continue this great work and I look forward to more of your awesome blog posts.

  • All the bags shown in the shouldre bag section is good.The syle is same but the design and the texture is different.Colors are quite smart . The handle of the baga re well designed.

  • Lucie

    Dior rips off Chanel once again…