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  • kindled

    The lacey ones are fine, but you’re right–I don’t like most of these at all! :)

  • Bo

    actually, i like what was presented. it is different and out of the ordinary. the messenger bags are fun and lite. and the crocheted additions are fun embellishments. the smaller clutch bags that say “make fashion, not war” will sell like hot cakes.
    and lets be honest, see these in a boutique or in a department store will look more attractive than the drab offerings of Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

    • Guest

      They are hideous; no, they will not look more attractive.

    • Guest

      A very typical answer from a Chanel loyalist…

  • Anu

    you missed the best one “feministe mais feminine”

  • Pennydreadful

    Hmm… I like the “5×5” clutch in spite of myself. But no comment on the rest (with the exception of a resounding “ewwwww” to that patchwork denim boy bag…)

    • Ayishaa

      Me thinks so too….it’s something I c myself wearing.

  • missarewa
    • eyda

      i have a vintage chanel that looks just like this!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    In a year or so those that buy will be headed to the consignment shops with these bags mumbling “What was I thinking?”

  • wakh

    no words…

  • Jennifer

    im so over Karl. WTF.

    • Hierophilic


  • Smooth Caramel

    Chanel told me today that the boy bags are going up in price in the next 30 days. Can you confirm the time table on that or have you heard?

    • That’s sad news :(

    • T.U. A.

      Well, there’re way too many beautiful bags out there. if the boy is out of my league[pun intended], I’ll pass on that and find a better man. ;D

  • Jimmy Lin

    karl is too busy with choupette … i sad when i see those bag coming down from runway … there are worthless … once cc , #5 pins fell off it look nothing far from goodwills stuff … no offense to all chanel fans … just my opinion !

  • T.U. A.

    Dat BOSE speaker case though

  • Avery

    Coco would turn over in her grave.

  • Lauryn Overbey

    I need this one! Love it!

  • Gia

    Yes please on The bracelets

  • Terri

    Awful…the 60’s & 70’s at their very worst.

  • babette

    It all feels and looks like they are trying too hard. The black and white Chanel is lovely and looks like a bag I would carry , not for a joke. I don’t need to pay Chanel prices to carry some ridiculous bag that is trying to make a statement.

  • p

    My grandma would love these.

  • FashionableLena

    I really like the black and white bag and the white one that looks like it’s made from doilies. The rest? Meh.

  • David

    There were a lot more bags on the runway, a lot more wearable ones that seem to be missing from this post…

    • We can only post what we have photos of, sadly.

  • The clothes were a total mess, I do think Karl makes fun of us with the awful clothes. Bags are ok

  • Suzanne

    wow… so sad, especially when coco’s entire philosophy was creating practical, comfortable, beautiful, and classic pieces. KL is having too much fun here. Wtf is that speaker thing? And throwing it back to last season, a $12,000+ chanel shopping cart?! And someone actually wore it this year to PFW? What is wrong with people. Thank god Ghesquiere knows the line between fun and class. Sticking with LV

  • Theo

    coco chanel was a nazi so i can’t really imagine this going over well with her

  • Lara

    I also quite like the white lace messenger bag (although not worth spending that much) and the black and white bag (nothing extraordinary though). The rest is ok but I feel like looking at bags I will see in Accessorize – and I am sure their price tags don’t match. so all of this will be a big NO in terms of buying…

  • Jen

    I’m convinced they think we are so stupid, we’ll buy anything they put out. NO EFFING WAY.

  • teddy2bear

    I think Karl has lost his mind. This stuff looks like he took a trip to the local Goodwill store and used those items for ideas.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I’d like to make a protest march against these bag designs and surely ridiculous prices. “Women First”?! For what?! TO be taken as idiots!!!

    • T.U. A.

      This’s a speaker case for BOSE wireless speaker SoundLink III. I have one so I know what it is immediately when I saw it. Haha

  • beachbumsta

    So very cool!

  • Ginger

    I love Chanel handbags and own several, but these are awful. Who is his audience? Who would carry them? Certainly not anyone with class or dignity.

  • Stina Sias

    This is ironic coming from Karl… try “fur is murder.”

  • -__-

    Another YOLO, I DGAF, collection by Karl.
    But, damn it, I still lust over that B/W chevron tote and eyelet messenger, smdh. -___-

  • Olivia J.

    5×5= CC
    Got to love this new math! Lol

  • Kiddo

    I love them all…very beautiful…Awesome job Chanel!

  • Louise

    All I could think about was why didn’t they put proper nail polish on those models?

  • zarah

    Wow,What a wonderful collections,I just like it your all collections.thank you so much.Zarah from Bizbilla

  • Citizenlen

    I’ve seen those bags with the peace sign before- oh yeah the corner homeless guy keeps his jar of gravy in it!


    NOOOO!!! What is this ?????? Everything here looks like garbage! This is not the Chanel I know. I’m so disappointed! ????

  • bir

    Guess what im going to chanel and im buying a bag !!!! a 2.55 re issue bag no CC no pins. but the clothes I LOVE !

  • Tinessha

    Call me crazy but I love these bags! Especially the messenger bag! I like that is has that DIY feel but with all the perks of the Chanel pens and buttons and symbols all over it. It like high end Craft. I like them all. A open mind understands what he was going for and it reminds me of my favorite place Berkeley, California! I spend alot of time there and their all about love, peace and free spirit. The messenger and the others like it contain all of that. I love it!

  • Ptk

    Seriously? Those crochet bags my great grandmother could have done better! Last visit to Chanel at *31 Rue Cambon* was a shock! Sales representatives were dispondant as if they didn’t think I will purchase anything. If I hadn’t promiced my daughter a classic I would have left. I was waiting my turn sitting and I touched a bag. A security guard I merged from no where telling me “do not touch the bags”! Hmmmmmm excuse me….EVERYONE is touching the bags and it isn’t the first time I have been to Chanel but it will definitely be the last! Got the bag I promiced my daughter and some Rain boots for my granddaughter and left. i will NEVER EVER look at the word CHANEL! sorry CoCo!

  • PurseBop

    I am a #chanellover to the core, but this is going to be a very easy PASS season for me!

  • PurseBop

    and what on earth is that old fashioned transistor looking thing?

  • Kerstin T Ehry

    I really like the cool fresh look and cannot wait to see what KL dreams up next. He has taken the Chanel spirit and pushed it into the 21st century; a true creative genius!

  • I don’t know why so much hate going on in the comments. As a Once Was handbag designer, I find some of these bags very inspiring. Love the white on white crochet, embroidery cut outs and that silhouette of the gold clutch bag is a winner that could become a mainstay – It can work with carry so many materials, and the gusset construction can be used on many shapes. I’d love to see a tote bag and mid-sized fram handbag with the construction.

  • Millie

    Just saw pics from Chanel store of the messenger bags that rival the graffiti backpacks….I was disappointed as the pics did not show the embroidered flowers,etc. that adorned the runway bags, just basically the pins….$3,800.00 price tag, loved the runway bag for the adornments, for the price, maybe you should get what you see on the runway bags…I am hoping the store pics are wrong…

  • mimi

    Very interesting theme this year wonder why are we over this yes imagination but!!!