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  • Guest

    I’m so happy with the last few Chanel collections – I’ve saved a ton of money not buying from these sub-par collections.

    • K. Smith

      You sound really stupid….

    • Fiona-Brasil

      Precisely!!!!This is my feeling too!

  • Jodie

    Considering some of his recent collections, I get the feeling that Karl Lagerfeld gets a kick out of making fun of the rich

    • u

      It does look like a joke!

  • Lovisa Laufke

    karl is playing, let him play

  • laura

    the whole concepts gets an A+ for being different and creative but each individual items gets a D- in my opinion, some of them even fail. With the exception of the shopping carts, which I love and wish I had one, all the bags, shoes and clothes are not the typical luxurious Chanel we are used to. Some of them even look like fashion design school projects or one of those Project Runway challenges.

  • Gilson

    My favourite item is the Chanel ahopping basket! Yes please!

  • Gilson


  • S

    I love Chanel. But I feel like they went a little too far.Designers are to be inspired.. not take things too literally.

  • glitterhammy

    If Karl’s goal was to create a couture version of the slob look normal people sport to get groceries (ripped pants/shirts, big ugly puffy coats, hideous slapped-on makeup) then he succeeded.

    So tired of these ridiculous presentations hiding the fact that the clothes and accessories being showcased suck.

  • David

    I think you are all taking this too seriously, it’s only fashion and the bags aren’t that bad, the embroidered flaps and the pop art fur bags are pretty cool…

    Is there going to be a feature on the valentino runway bags megs?

  • kindled

    Can anyone tell what the detailing is on the boy bag? I can’t quite tell what the red stuff is.

  • alice

    Not really a good show but if the goal was to make us all talk about it (good or bad) it worked. I find it really vulgar. If we considered Chanel as an Hermes brand now is becoming more an H&M…

    • lbshah99

      I totally agree it’s almost so comical to see these designer bags being sold in every website like Potrero, Malleries, Fashionphile, Real Real etc., they’re all over and you see tons of them especially the Hermes. Which makes me wonder and now I lost all confidence in these lables as being exclusive bags for the rich only. Anyone and anybody ownes one and for those with limited funds you can even place one on layaway….

      • Susi

        Why, in the world, would you think Chanel or Hermes for the rich only? You may wonder how many women save for years just to have that little piece of fashion history in their wardrobe. You post really shows how shallow and uneducated you are.

  • Faith Rankin

    Ugh!! Sorry …I saw one, maybe two that I thought were OK….I may be a bit old fashioned, I guess!! Whatever….

  • nappy

    i want the “lait de Coco” bag!!! too cute.. and the black styrofoam minaudiere is a darling! the pink croc boy with chevron quilt is just divine..and that green croc flap is stunning.. i would definitely buy the chains and padlocks fastened to the shopping carts (if the price is right!) some were very kitschy but we have to remember that the styling and the mood kinda makes it too much to take in.. but when they are separated and photographed by itself, i know they are gorgeous bags with a bit of a Karl kick.

  • Toyzi

    Karl has lost it

  • No

    Ugh glad I don’t like these at all last bag bought was the shiva and looks like I will be done if he plays

  • Rashida

    I think he put on one heck of a show!

  • Indivisual

    OY, if Coco Chanel was alive she would never approve of some these styles. I don’t think this is what her brand was suppose to evolve into. Who is going to buy most of these?
    It’s a joke and each season it gets worse. Chanel needs a new design leader. It’s time Karl

  • FashionableLena

    I think that there is too much being read into this show. I just thought that it was a cute idea. Fashion shows are supposed to be Fun yet still show off the clothing and accessories. It’s still a trade show of sorts.
    As far as the bags go, I could go for the silver Boy bag with the pearls and gun metal straps, one of the carts, the tweed sunglasses, quilted rolling suitcases, and the tweed classic flap. Now, I just need the salary to afford it!

  • Angela

    I think Karl Lagerfeld is running out of ideas. Using supermarket theme is just lame.

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    yuck! some of them (I think most of them) are ugly as fu*k!

  • Casey

    I mean the whole point of the fashion shows is the create a theme. People might find some of these bags revolting, but when you step into the Chanel boutique, these aren’t the bags you’re gonna find in the store. Everything will be just as refined as you know Chanel to be. It’s *just* a show, so calm down.

    • JOAN

      I agree! Nice to see a different take on these classic bags. Love the gloves with the little “cc’s” :) and of course the shopping cart!

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I can see Miley Virus and PMK carrying around the shopping basket bags :-)

  • Ash

    I wonder if they made a big shopping cart, with wheels and everything if people would buy it. And be like”oh yesssss, this is my Chanel shopping cart daaaarling! I do hate those common carts at Wegmans” (and I’m a Chanel fan BTW)

  • This is a very unique fashion item from Chanels Fall 2014 collection

  • LOLA

    I was talking to a personal shopper here in Paris and she said something about Chanel which is very interesting and which is the explanation about the huge success of the brand. She said: ” Women loves Chanel. Old clients who were still alive before Coco died loves Lagerfeld. It is not only because it is a beautiful brand and all but because it is fun. You may not see it but Chanel has a niche in fashion. Gucci is sexy but many brands are about sexiness, Louis Vuitton is about a certain idea of french luxury, Hermes is luxury and about status but Chanel is the only brand which offer Luxury and fun. Under Lagerfeld, Chanel was classic, sexy, avant-garde, intellectual or about sportswear but Chanel always kept it fun. You can see that in the shops. There is always something to buy because the collections are very different to each other but it is always fun”

    It is funny but i agree with her. The Fall 2014 was a great collection but it is even great because it is different from the Paris Dallas, the spring and the Cruise. You have all that and then, you have classic Chanel…but it is in fact all about fun.
    The bags, sneakers, coat and skirts suits are great. Some dresses are not so great though.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Perfect for that impromptu trip to the Waldbaums.

  • zarah

    Looks great.I like this color and i want know more collections about pink color.
    Thank you. Zarah.

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