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  • FashionableLena

    That tote is HUGE. You could fit a small child in there.

    • louch

      yeah – not exactly following the micro-bag trend are they?? slide 9 looks like a fancy gun holster.

    • lara

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    • Canuck65

      I wonder if the totes will come in a scaled downs sizes – these look so large as to be impractical

      • Guest

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  • Nívia

    Beautiful bags..omg!
    And also are the shoes !

  • Sparkletastic

    Although it’s not as unattractive, the vest bag reminds me of the Chanel girl bag – a brand trying to make a clothing item into a conceptual bag but not really creating fashion. Falls flat for me.

    • Canuck65

      I thought the same thing

    • Natalie

      Me too, looks similar to Chanel girl and both fail.

  • Maya

    Love the big slouchy tote!

  • lavinia

    I think right now Celine is the only brand (Miuccia where are you now?) with new ideas. You can love it or not but Celine is definitely fresh air! (in a market where everybody just copy…). Simp,e but new, isn’t it extraordinary?

  • Idk about the bags, a bit too plain for me, but the straps are cool. The one-sided animal print and the knot piece. But I wonder if they get weird after use.

  • kemilia

    Love the totes. Celine sure isn’t following the mini-bag craze, that’s for sure.

  • Arama

    No likey…

  • missarewa

    Not a fan. Other than the Edge and perhaps the Tie tote, I can’t get with Celine

  • Lori

    Poor Celine, they just haven’t been able to get it back. They were so hot there for a while. I remember going to Barney’s and being told the Celine bags on the shelf were not for sale because everything was by order only. And now, it seems they just can’t find that place again. These are fine, but not great.

  • michaeljackson5005

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  • Celine2her

    Id love to assist with any purchase inquires email celine4philo@gmail.com !

  • shopper

    Bags in this post not only look odd but non-functional. Like #6: Its so tall you’ll have to do a Mary Poppins and dive into it just to fish out your keys.

    #9 looks like a 9-year-old’s first sewing project…gone wrong.

    I looked at the bags on their site. I just don’t understand the message. One design looked distinctly like an oversized cow bell. They were either too simple (to the point of “why bother buying this”) or had weirdness.

    I don’t understand the luggage tote: is it a work bag? Casual bag? Travel bag? What would i wear it with? The lines and wing things make the shape too aggressive and invasive for me. Doesn’t compliment a look – it dominates.

    Maybe someone can educate me on these.

  • QueenPosh .

    I am actually loving these oversized tote bags with contrasting colors and shoulder straps. They are so effortlessly cool. Celine bags are a breath of fresh air, always creating new and unique bags, unlike a lot of other brands these days that just copy each other.

  • Oksana Ribakova

    Only good is a quality of leather, design….:(