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  • Cbl

    The croc Dior is a Diorissimo, not Lady Dior.

  • kindled

    that birkin. Most expensive bag ever to be featured on purseblog?

    • Vlad Dusil

      Our most expensive real-life sighting, priced around $175,000+. We’ve covered some other outrageously priced bags before.

      Even André Leon Talley was gasping in disbelief when the lady entered the Oscar de la Renta offices with it on her arm.

      • Jen

        On Steve Harvey’s wife? Wow. And to think he was homeless and living in his car at one time. I’d love to have $175,000 to put toward a house. LOL-That’s what I love about PB—-I can dream away! Thanks, Vlad!

      • Fashionista

        did she rent or buy??? That is the question!

    • I was just thinking exactly that. I can’t say for sure, but it almost has to be.

    • Rashmi

      I have a feeling they named it HImalayan because the croc skin must have been sourced from my country of Nepal. Just my guess. :)

  • Joyll

    Hmmm, I might need to locate that Celine Python Phantom Luggage tote! I’m salivating!

  • Tina

    That is Majorie Harvey – Steve Harvey’s wife

    • Ahhhhh yes!!! I adore him!

      • shueaddict

        Megs, please indulge my ignorance, why to they call it Himalayan croc ? Ever since I saw Victoria Beckham with it I kept wondering.

      • “Himalayan” is Hermes’ official term for the colorway of these bags; the gradation of the dark at the edges to the cream color at the center is said to resemble snow on mountains. (Or at least that’s the marketing story.) The crocodile itself is the same niloticus skin that Hermes uses on other bags. From what I’ve read, they’re more expensive than other nilo Birkins because the tanning process to achieve the color is more difficult/sensitive.

      • shueaddict

        oh … the penny dropped … thank you, Amanda.

  • ElainePG

    Drooling over the Chanel Boy bag… but it’s too large for the lady carrying it. It overpowers her. (And it would be too large for me, too, but I know it, and I’d buy it in a smaller size. I mean, if you’re gonna spend that kind of money…)

    • ElainePG

      Edit: I now see that you’ve photographed a number of Boy bags, Vlad. The one I’m talking about is the FIRST one pictured. The others are a much better size (though I can’t say I “get” the red plastic one… it looks like a Lego brick).

    • Purstop

      Pretty boring already done stuff

  • ElainePG

    OMG… I’m in love with the Fendi shopper! It’s chic, streamlined, timeless, exactly the right size, and the texture is TDF!

  • Chloe

    Can anyone tell me if the Tory Burch 797 satchel above is real crocodile? I have been trying to locate the bag but I can only find it in snakeskin.

    • RowanOak

      It says it’s embossed. It also has “mine” written all over it. It is gorgeous, imo.

  • sara

    Does anyone know who is carrying the Louis Vuitton NN 14 Audace Bag in black? Just curious. Thanks!

    • bulletproofsoul

      It’s Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad)

    • Monica

      Chiara Ferragni

    • Blond Salad’s Chiara Ferragni. She can wear anything and look incredible.

    • Jimmy

      I think she’s chiara ferragni – The blonde salad

    • BagLicious

      It’s Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad blog!! So pretty

  • kate

    My favorites were the Chanel boys and Chanel No5 bag


    Just fabulous, so fabulous

  • HfromT

    I would not be able to contain myself if I saw that Himalayan croc birkin in real life!!! That is one jaw-droppingly beautiful bag!!! Once again Vlad, you’ve made my day with these photos!

  • gdaddo

    Who’ carrying the Birkin?

  • Susan


  • Smooth Caramel

    drool over the lego and perfume chanel bags

  • C.

    The Vuitton Chain Louise bag is $2450, not $2150

  • gpc

    Fabulous photos! Can’t say I am gaga over that Hermes Birkin – too excessive and over-done, to the point of looking cheap…Sorry for the croc that suffered for that…

  • guest

    The lady carrying the birkin is Majorie Harvey. Steve Harvey’s wife.

  • Ada

    The Gucci backpack is actually Imprime and not Guccissima.

  • shueaddict

    Another feast for the eyes to start my day. Thank you, guys!!!!!

  • Denise

    The 2Jours on page 8 had me salivating

  • Fashionista

    That is odd given that steve harvey gets on people for wasting money,
    and his wife would not be able to afford on her own. Not sure if she
    purchased or got loaner for shock value. 175,000 could get her hairline
    in shape, that would be the smarter purchase in my opinion.

  • Daisy

    What shoe is she wearing? Anyone know?

  • Helga Pataki

    I like the michael kors bag, is for the fall season 2014 or what season was it?

  • babette

    I will be buried with my Chanel “Classic Flap” bag , lol

  • babette

    I love the shoes with the Skull & Crossbones !

  • Dylan Propst

    Every time I see Marjorie Harvey, she’s carrying something as ostentatious as possible.
    Subtlety will always be chic.

  • Jenny Kylan

    I just came across this blog for the first time. I have to say I am quite disgusted, the amount of abuse and murder that goes into a vast majority of these bags is unfathomable. I say some of the bags because there are some that are faux leather, plastics, other non-animal materials. The last photo is the worst, Majorie Harvey and her awful fur coat. She pretends to be such a kind person while on Steve’s show. In fact, I am shocked that he thinks that it’s okay. My mom, one of his biggest fans, is going to be devastated when she sees that photo. The number of mink that had to be skinned alive for that ugly coat is somewhere around 100. That goes for her friend as well. So 200 total had to die for that trash.

    The Birkin bag contains enough horrific abuse; it will keep you awake at night. I have seen what they do these beautiful alligators. That are on the farms owned, co-owned or hired by Hermes for the skins. Alligators are cut open alive to get the skin for the Birkin bag as well as other bags using alligator. Why do they cut them open alive? Hermes doesn’t want the skin damaged in any way; they want a complete unaltered skin. The Gator stays alive and active for awhile after being cut open; flapping around in pain. There are plenty of videos online where you can witness this cruelty first hand. Then there is real leather. It can come from any animal, newborn goats, sheep, pigs, cows, calves, horses, etc. No animal is safe from it. You will always hear oh well leather is just a byproduct of slaughter houses. While that may be true for some leathers. Others are not, but the slaughter houses will give you nightmares, so bad that not even Stephen King could come up with what happens to the animals behind closed doors. They are ‘supposed’ to be stunned, which means to make them unconscious, strung up by one leg upside down and then the butchering begins. Of course, the animals HAVE to be alive during the process. Why? Because it is the only way to drain the blood. The heart must still be beating. Many are not hit with the captive bolt gun and are still fully conscious during the butchering. They scream, as their limbs are cut off and their guts ripped out.

    No leather or fur coat is humane. There is no such thing as humane murder. http://humanemyth.org

    The great thing I have seen lately is the large number of bag makers, shoe makers and belt makers that are no longer using leather at all. It is entirely all man-made materials. Even automakers are cutting leather out by replacing with a faux leather, such as Toyota. They do not sell any leather. It sure feels and looks like it, but without the cruelty. It can take up to 10 cows, to upholster seats in an automobile.

    Real leather, is never pretty nor is real fur unless it is still on the original owner. When I see anyone with a Birkin bag, I want to vomit, even Coach, Dooney & Burke, Michael Kors, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, etc. Just gross and they stink.

    The best bags that I have found is the Matt n Nat designer bags and Kipling. Kipling is an excellent casual bag. They are fantastic, look fabulous and have new styles all the time. I also love Stella McCartney, Gunas, Susan Nicole and well any handbag that doesn’t come from a dead animal. There is an overwhelming number of high-end vegan handbag designers, which are making a large splash in the handbag and accessories industry today. Other than those mentioned previously, they include:
    Crystalyn Kae
    Jill Milan
    Angela Roi
    Urban Expressions
    Melie Bianco
    Sole Society
    The list goes on. Talk about those bags, how superb they are and not focus on death. Do the research yourself. See what happens. That bag or coat just didn’t show up on the shelves all by itself.
    Feel good about yourself, go cruelty-free. Know that you didn’t contribute to the suffering of an animal for fashion.
    Fur and carrying around a dead animal bag is no longer in style. People are silly and pay for a name, to show stature. To begin with fur has always made people look fat, and leather makes then stink, look ridiculous and tells everyone they are heartless; Without speaking a word.