A day before the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2010 presentation was slated to begin, Rebecca herself tweeted, “Who is afraid of a little snow??? The show must go on!” Well, that was before “a little snow” turned out to be a full-on blizzard that was enough to close all public and private schools and universities in Manhattan save for Columbia University (thanks guys.)

Therefore, if I was going to have classes as the snow frantically swirled around the city, I was going to make it to the Rebecca Minkoff presentation. Needless to say, I did make it despite my dislike of the cold and of the coldness of the snow, and it was extremely worth it. You see, I’ve been to a few traditional presentations, where the models stand on raised platforms and generally achieve a death stare whilst remaining in the same position. But no, this show switched it up, and the models were bubbly, twisting and turning at various intervals to show off the funky wares.


Let’s just say that if you haven’t seen much of Rebecca’s clothing so far, it’s imperative you look again. Her bags all exude this sort of effortless cool, this je-ne-sais-quoi that instantly updates any uniform of tee-and-jeans to glamorous, slightly Parisian tee-and-jeans. If you’ve ever owned a Minkoff, you know what I mean. They’re the subtly chic pieces that make up a wardrobe of downtown funk without crossing the line into wannabe hipster territory. Furry vests, ironically floral dresses, folded coats, printed tees, and structured plaids all made appearances, not to mention a particularly awesome belt that harks back to the Loop and Stud Bracelet. I practically felt unpopular next to those clothes, which basically means that I’ve got to get some.


As for the bags, both newcomers and oldies-but-goodies alike perfectly fit the vibe. Asked which were her favorite two bags of the season, Minkoff laughed, “That’s a tough one,” she said, pointing to a luxe quilted and studded Morning After Bag and a small crossbody with a thick strap smattered with studs. Overall, the bags were extremely detailed, featuring the requisite stud as well as crossing straps and corset-esque ties. Come fall, keep an eye out for classic colors like black and graphite as well as eye-popping deep brights like indigo and magenta and clothes aimed at bringing some of that effortless Parisian glamour to your wardrobe.



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  • Jane

    I watched some of the show on my computer I am so envious that you were there in person. I can’t wait to get some of the clothes and of course the BAGS!!!!

  • I really like the quilted Morning After bag and the super-studded strap on one of the minibags. Also, the dark mustard coat is beautiful.

    • oo oo bufbuf

      Me too on the quilted morning after bag!!!!

    • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

      Those were the 2 bags RM said were her fav! The quilting was gorgeous in person, so luxe and perfectly puffy. All the coats and jackets were amazing- there were some fierce suede moto jackets, too.

  • NagaJolokia

    TACKY. So typical of RM. Atrocious and hideous. Thank god I don’t have bad taste. :)

  • Loquita

    Some of the designs look very pretty in my opinion, and RM is a talented individual. However, I certainly would not be willing to spend any more money on RM products because of their questionable quality and the generally sub-par customer service that the company offers. RM is great at attracting new consumers, but very poor at treating her long-term costumers fairly. (And yes, I am speaking from personal experience – so please research any RM purchases before handing over your hard-earned money!)

  • NagaJolokia

    Guess bags are better than his atrocious tacky garbage. RM should just go back to the kitchen and make sandwiches instead. Go Guess, Betsey johnson and Vera Bradley! Way better style and class than this RM crap.

  • mimi couture

    studded/quilted MAB bag looks very similar to the MJ quilted stardust stam bag that pops up every other season. not happy with the fact that she has is now outsourcing for manufacturing (China) which btw is the reason why she can lower her prices, but I still feel the need to have a MAB in my collection this year. maybe i can find one from a year or two ago that was maybe actually made in America. Or maybe just get the mimi bag from CC skye.

    to RM i mean come on indonesia, sri lanka, peru….mere suggestions.

  • Lynpett

    Clutches and shoulder/crossbody bags seem the way of the future. I love the crossbody because it’s nice to have your hands free. The MAC holds a lot of stuff and is def a go-to bag for evenings out.

  • Adrienne zedella

    i’ll take the castoff bags. fb