In December of 2009 I was introduced to PaperFashion. It was love at first sight.
Katie Rodgers, the illustrator behind the site, fuses her love of fashion with her skilled artistic touch to create one-of-a-kind watercolor pieces. Her work is unlike anything I had seen before, and I was immediately drawn to it. After I saw her pieces, I also learned she does customize art. We wanted to add a fresh new touch to PurseBlog, whether it be on our Twitter page, Facebook Page, website, or all of the above, and Katie was perfect for the job.

Katie came up with two original PurseBlog illustrations combining our logo along with a fashion sketch. Check out what Katie of PaperFashion came up with and tell us your favorite!

The second illustration is one of my most coveted looks from Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection! Love everything about it and love it paired with our logo. Can you name the bag in each drawing?

Check out more of Katie’s work at PaperFashion!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Amy Beth

    Bottom one is Alexander Wang Rocco. Not sure about the top one. But I prefer the first graphic.

  • I know the bag in the first drawing but I’m not telling :-)

  • Perkypeach

    I love the first graphic. The bold accessories really pop and the model has more of an “every woman” appeal.

  • beaver

    jimmy choo expandable clutch??

  • Leah

    Definitely the first one!

  • Emma

    The first one for sure, way prettier and timeless

  • Shweta

    I think that the first one is a Jimmy Choo clutch. If I am not mistaken it is a mix of normal and perforated leather in magenta. The second ofcourse is the Wang duffle

  • Natalie

    Jimmy Choo graphic all the way! It’s gorgeous and I love magenta

  • Beverly

    I like the first photo! It edgy and dynamic. It would make the blog stand out more.

  • Susan

    Both are really nice, but the first is so much more colorful…I like it the best.

  • Patricia

    I’m voting for the first image.

  • Lucy

    OMG! I love both of them and it is really hard to choose, but I have to say the first one! After you use that one for a while, then use the second one. That’s just me!

  • Rach

    Thanks for introducing us to this artist – I really like her work that’s shown on her blog!!

    The first photo is livelier and more colorful – I vote for it.

  • mynewbag

    The bottom one, makes me feel like it could me me, whereas i would not pose in the same way
    in the first one.

  • Magda

    First graphic catches my eye more than the 2nd.
    I vote for the 1st.

  • Chris

    The 1st one is better – it is more colorful and edgier. A real eye-catcher.

    • Chris

      Okay, I have thought about it. The first one takes the 80s too literally. The hair, the outfit, even the pose – VERY Eighties. And I am not sure if I like it in the long run, after all, you want this to be on your homepage for a couple of years minimum, right?
      The second logo – I love the pose, the hair (long casual braid) and the shoes (those are very fab!), but altogether, the logo lacks some color. If it had more color, the second one would definitely be my favorite.
      Oh dear.
      Megs, did you ask specifically for those two bags to be in the logo? I mean, this is the Purseblog, so the Logo should indeed show one very classy handbag (and at the same time perhaps one of your favorites).

  • Wiggle

    I feel like the 2nd is more sophisticated than the 1st! Depends on what tPF is going for I guess~ Both are amazing in different ways. :)

  • angela

    I love the pose of the girl on the first illustration and it looks better with that pop of color.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Easily the first picture, mainly because of the use of color.

  • Valentina

    The Alex Wang one, absolutely. The colors are great, and I love that the “model” is walking and not necessarily posing.

  • mochababe73

    I love the first one. It has an edgy, Asian feel.

  • Jan

    Love the first one! The second one looks a little cheap with the bare stomach-great if your 20 years old…

  • Carrie

    Overall, I love the purple tones in the first graphic, but when it comes to details, heart the hair and Alexander Wang Coco in the second more.

  • Amy

    I think the clothes in the first pic translate at first glance better than the second illustration….without referencing the original pic, I didn’t understand the appeal of the 2nd outfit.

  • kathie

    i’m liking the style and colour in the first graphic; although both are so very well done!

  • Michelle

    The first graphic looks way too ’80s for my tastes. But I do like the overall effects. I suspect most posting here are too young to remember the 80s but if you were in them, thats what it looked like.

  • Pretty Shiny Sparkly

    Definitely number two. It’s cleaner, more reproducible for logo use, and in my opinion is more memorable. There’s pretty, and then there’s practical (for logo use)! And I still think it’s prettier, anyway!

  • bagsandmorebags

    Gosh, since you asked I have to tell the truth. I think both designs are terrible and look like something a five-year old would draw. The cheeks are silly, and those outfits are very dated. The images likely represent a small percentage of what I imagine is a very multicultural membership for tpf.

  • Josephine

    blah for the first one. reminds me too much of taiwanese crooner Jolin Tsai. and the cheeks….And I think very few of us would dress like the girl in the second image. I’m also surprised why the first one is so distinctively Asian and the second Caucasian. Sorry but NO to both…

  • lilobubbletea

    i like the first one more~ but the figure looks a tiny bit awkward where the right arm is. But definitely like it more than the second one.

  • Merve

    Neither im afraid…They both seem a bit Manga

  • Karla

    Love them both. Love the second because of the outfit/bag shown. Love the first because of the pop of color. I think the bag in the second is the Alexander Wang Coco bag and I think the clutch in the first is one of Adriana Castros but I’m not sure which one -the Annie?

  • ingrid

    i like the second one!

  • 19yearslater

    Love them both, but I prefer the first one.

  • Marian

    I prefer the first one. Great outfit, great colors with the bag. (fb)

  • Crystal

    The pieces themselves are very nice and Katie is very talented. However, from a web design perspective, I sincerely question the value of adding something like this to the site.

    Like somebody said before, these are somewhat cartoonish/mangaish and dated-looking (what is with that strange early 90s aesthetic?) to be representative of TPB’s diverse readership and even, what TPB is about– PURSES. What I like about the current logo/header is that it’s classic, timeless, and very direct– coming straight to the site, I know immediately that it’s about the purses. Once you add in that style of art, it makes the site about a completely different thing (and not in a good way).

    One way I could see using the art is to feature Katie’s work in a week-long campaign (sort of like how Google does holidays), with a different logo+model pairing each time you refresh the page / click to a different section of the site, or have the Jimmy Choo art be featured on the Jimmy Choo page, etc. Something temporary is a better use of her definitely “fanart” aesthetic.

  • NK

    I think the first is perfect. They both are great, but the first one catches your eye more and doesn’t look as dated. Crystal had an excellent idea by featuring Katie’s work like Google does. Excellent idea!

  • Jane

    I prefer the second picture and logo I find it more appealing because I relate to that girl more than the first girl. However, both are wonderful because they can be used for so many different times.