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What was supposed to be John Galliano’s Fall 2007 Preview ended in a freak show, nothing short of a travesty. You call that fashion? Sorry mate, get off the absinthe and stop hanging out with Manson so much.

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  • fashion in the making

    I totally disagree with you I think that its something of a change cause I keep on seeing the same thing from every single designer I think if his stuff is so freaky he wouldn’t sell none of his stuff nor in dior

    Galliano I love u cause your nuts

  • reni

    :shock: wow john galliano ist the best. i love his clothes,they are so beautiful and he`s not like the other designers,he haves unique style(sorry for the bad grammatik,but i`m not english,and i`m not very good at english)john galliano,luv ya,peace :grin:

  • Ross Van Der Heide

    How can you call this a freakshow? If you can’t handle the makeup, at least take the time to inspect the details. Though it looks savage, little things such as jackets, shoes, gloves, hats, jewelry, and your favorite, HANDBAGS!!!, are very delicate. There is a series of dresses in the middle, focused on pleated, silky, vintage, black and cream gowns that were all in the realm of taste. And just for you, you purveyor of purses, I’ve listed all the purse-toting models in the show: Lindsay Ellingson, Rachel Alexander, Marcelina Sowa, Kasia Struss, Mina Cvetkovic, Daria Werbowy, Kim Noorda, Jessica Stam, Mariya Markina, and Alexandra Tomlinson. The gloves were all gem-encrusted, the purses in all shapes and sizes, the hats were colorful and elegant, and the shoes were straight out of 1920. This show is certainly more hideous than the lopsided shoes, bugzapper-fried perms, nurses, and rainbow lipsticks at Marc Jacobs’ latest shows, who looks to Spongebob Squarepants for color inspiration and shows off his “adorable” boyfriend at every opportunity, and then gives us nightmares posing naked in all kinds of magazines, and has more breakdowns than Mariah Carey. Yeah, John Galliano’s really strange and messed up(Insert sarcasm here). I stand corrected.

  • Rff2206

    The entire concept of wearing “homeless couture” is sickening. Thank you Galliano.

    If these designers and models are so concerned about the homeless,they would not be mocking them by creating and wearing clothing lines that cost twice the national debt. It’s like they’re saying: “Hey,I’m one of you, but I am loaded and can wear the designer version….and you are not.” There’s nothing chic about mocking the poor.

    Have any of these designers with a so-called passion for the homeless started food banks, soup kitchens, new affordable housing, paid off bills for those struggling, given impoverished teens scholarships? No. They just “call attention” to a problem we all know already
    exists. It’s like watching CSPANN Senators rehash the fact that there a mortgage crisis in painstaking detail when people are thousands are losing their homes daily. Who needs them to “call attention” to the obvious?

    We don’t need a fashion designer to point out what is obvious; if they don’t want to help become part of the solution, they should just stick to their craft. The amount of stuff unsold at the end of each season shows that they have enough difficulty doing just that…

    It’s a disgusting trend that fashion designers feel it’s their right to “see homeless in the park” and then create a whole line of clothes that makes us all homeless, so we can supposedly “identify with them.” Those of us that have identified with them are helping them. Galliano, why don’t you try to do the same?

    The same goes double (or maybe triple) for the Abu Ghraib “collection.” It’s as if Galliano thinks he’s the only one who is aware of the event; he has to educate us all. What an ego this man has! The house of Dior is dead, in my opinion.

  • Ross Van Der Heide

    If you’re opinion is that the house of Dior is dead, you’re an idiot. But let’s stick to the topic at hand. This fashion show has absolutely no connection to homeless people. It’s largely inspired by Paul Poiret, who wasn’t known for “homeless chic”. Try not to be too ignorant people, even though I know it’s hard. That’s blatantly obvious!

  • FFF


  • Mary Anne Enriquez

    I disagree. By showing the rich and fashionable this subject…in a performance art form piece….Galliano brings new awareness to an often forgotten/ ignored social situation. He is brilliant!

  • amy ann ragno

    “…undermining society’s expectations of what is and isn’t BEAUTIFUL “Alexander McQueen

    Who cares what the haters think!… What you think is fashion isn’t always another’s. Bet you prefer Calvin Klein lol that’s ok if all you want is a basic t shirt every year….Boring. How can Fashion move on without the ones who isn’t AFRAID to EXPERIEMENT!

    This post may be an old one but got to stick up for the galliano’s and mcqueens of the design world

  • Naggy

    A new take on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. (ipad)