VBH handbags can be elusive little creatures. The brand has an extremely limited online presence, and when you combine that with limited in-store distribution in the US, it’s easy to become envious of the numerous starlets who get to sport the brand’s famous envelope clutches on the red carpet. Why should only starlets have unfettered access to such great evening bags?

The brand’s Spring 2011 collection goes far beyond those familiar clutches, however. The slouchy python and structure crocodile pieces are the star of this line by far, and although there are a few missteps (hello, gold bedazzled bucket bag), the beautiful and straightforward use of exotics makes up for the rather meager sins to be found. And are those python iPad cases that I spy? It sure looks like it.

Photos via Women’s Wear Daily.

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  • Lorie

    Good lord. That red #12 is an unfortunate shape.

    • Heh, yes, it’s kind of…anatomical, particularly in that color. I wondered if anyone else would mention it or If I was the only one who saw it.

    • 19yearslater

      Oh, no. I liked it and now I don’t.

    • Jelita78

      oh u’re killing me inside!
      i can’t stop laughing!
      bwahahahha!! (ipad)

  • Graciella

    I love about half of these, the other half are a bit too much for me, but all in all VBH is a very nice brand – I wouldn’t mind owning one. And yes, that red one is an unfortunate shape, but it is considerably less noticable in black.

  • Perry

    A whole collection worth looking at. Very modern, yet still classic. I see the demographic to be a tad older, but the select few in their 20s would love these. Its very Serena van der Woodsen.

  • purseloco

    They look like everything else you see, some are ok.

  • Erik

    i think #12 without the stitching on the sides of the unfortunate shape area… would be better :) and that gold bucket thing is… DREADFUL!

    • Lorie

      I completely agree about the stitching. Minus that, it wouldn’t be so unfortunate.

  • Blo0ondi

    i luv no 4 ALOT i wont mind owning one ;D
    n th red one i agree with u guys lol

  • Connie

    Okay! My favorite purse here is #13 & #15! Don’t ask me why, they just are!

    • Connie

      Please excuse my bad grammar! I added a second bag at the last moment, and forgot to change my wording. I should have said, “My favorite purses here are…” ;0)

  • PhotoGirl

    I really, really need #s 13 and 14 in my life.

  • Stylista

    Some of these are quite nice. I love all of the ones with python.


  • mochababe73

    I like the last one-the blue. The others are okay. Kind of tired of the envelope bag. For the reasons that you just listed, I really have no opinion of the brand. I like to see bags in person.

  • Merve

    Oh wow what a disappointment..that gold bucket is just horrendous and the red thing mmm ok.

  • Christine*

    Is this Victoria Beckhams line?

  • XXAL

    #2 #16 #18 & >>>#14<<<!!!!!!!!!

    #4.. magenta + gold looks too hoochie.. bad stitchings yes.. gold bucket.. looks like an golden egg grew some nasty pimples.

    yea whats VBH? i first thought it was victorias too^ but victorias line is boxy..?

    the slouching python is beautiful

  • DirtyD

    Beige phyton and last blue one are tdf!

  • helen

    lol – the red one is like a dress. It’s so fun looking at these photos. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Only liking the blue one (last pictured.) (ipad)