Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009 Fashion Week can be a hard for us handbag lovers. Because of the placement of photographers at the end of the runway, it’s often difficult to get a halfway decent look at the bags we might be seeing in stores at the end of the summer. Thankfully, though, we’ve rounded up some bag pictures from the Marc Jacobs show after the jump.

So what do we have here? We have a few things that mirrored Jacobs’ show – neon, patterns, a slightly punk, slightly glam 80s feel. And we also have a few things that mirror MJ bags from previous seasons – quilting and chains. The chains are the primary straps in most of these flap shoulder bags, which is a bit of a departure from the Stam‘s chain accent. Although the pictures aren’t super helpful, many of these bags also appear to be small-to-medium-sized shoulder bags, sometimes that Jacobs hasn’t focused on in recent collections. Many also include exotic skins, studs, and other embellishment that make these some of the most elaborate bags I’ve seen from his normally-rather-subdued signature collection. See for yourself below.

Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009   Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009   Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009

Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009   Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009   Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009

Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009   Marc Jacobs Handbags 2009

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  • Sarah

    At least this time he did not steal from Chanel. I hope his streak of origionality will continue.

  • Cherie L.

    They say this fashion week “MJ does chanel” again, but i think he’s really making the whole quilted thing his very own now. you notice MJ quilted bags don’t look dated, but the chanel 2.55 always looks like an old lady bag.

    i want a 2.55 really bad ow, but i think once i hit my 40s, i won’t dare to take it out, because it is sooooo aging.

  • I think that maybe the first season that MJ did quilted bags, the Chanel comparisons were apt. But now, he’s been doing it for several years and the look that he achieves with it is very much different than Chanel’s look and very much now identified with his brand. I think we can more or less put the issue to bed once and for all, and I think it takes a brilliant creative mind like Jacobs to take an element that’s so identified with a particular designer and make it so thoroughly his own.

  • MizzJ

    I agree with Amanda, sure the quilted bag is synonymous with Chanel, but fashion is about recycling if anything, so I love how MJ has redefined this classic. His bags are quite his own and definitely for the fun and funky crowd.

  • Sara

    theyre not very very different to the quilted bags he´s done for other seasons

  • M_butterfly

    I actually do not see any resemblance with Chanel. They stand on their own!!

  • tadpolenyc

    yes, amanda! finally! you articulated it so well. i was just discussing this in the mj forum, but marc’s aesthetic is quite a departure from chanel’s. it’s not really comparable anymore, so while they share common elements (quilting, chains), the overall look is vastly divergent. it’s the difference between uptown vs. downtown style and classic vs. modern.

  • aidan

    && just like chanel stole vera bradley? and they
    are with that monogram BULL crap now..
    uhhh talk about ATROCIOUS! its also
    down grading and ugly.
    and name a designer that hasn’t made their own version
    of ed hardy’s “tatto” art or UGGS???
    MJ is an AMAZINGdesigner and his designs are his very own.
    true i would rather take my ostrich stam
    oppose to me sisters red quilted stam but
    ones taste is ones OWN taste.

  • aidan

    sara you are correct.. at least versace is reaching new hights and
    doing something new.. i hadn’t seen a versace bag that i had adored in
    the LONGEST time!