Project RunwayOur wait is almost over – Project Runway returns to the airwaves August 20th, according to the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. They’ve got a cover story on the much-missed series this week in which they speak with Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum about the future of the series, the difficulties of waiting, and what we can all expect from our favorite fashion show.

First, the show’s move from New York to L.A. isn’t completely permanent. According to Tim and Heidi, the show will alternate seasons on each coast in order to reap the maximum benefits that the cities have to offer, which should be somewhat of a relief to a lot of the fans that couldn’t fathom shooting a show about fashion anywhere in the country except for New York (I am one of those people). Also, despite the new location, the new network (Lifetime, about which I will not snark since I got in trouble for it in the comments last time), and the new production team (of The Real World fame), Heidi reports that the runway set is more or less exactly the same. Lifetime execs said that they recognized that they already had a winner on their hands with Runway and did not wish to fix something that wasn’t broken.

Sounding kind of promising, isn’t it?

Also, the move to the West Coast found the series a bevvy of guest judges including Lindsay Lohan (can’t wait) and Bob Mackie (also can’t wait). I don’t entirely understand why it’s harder to find guest judges in New York, but if that’s the case, then it’ll be interesting to see who else they dig up in LA. Tim also said that the challenges in the new season will be fresh and surprising, one of which apparently continues to shock him to this day. This is perhaps the best news of all – most Runway critics felt like they were phoning it in for most of last season, and some fresh ideas and unexpected challenges would be just the thing to convince a lot of people to learn where Lifetime is in their channel lineup (ok, so, a little bit of snark).

Article via Entertainment Weekly

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  • Lacey

    ooooooh, YES! I LOVE Project Runway… I just HATE Heidi Klum.

  • Gina R

    Im looking forward to teh new season!!!


  • 19yearslater

    Woo-hoo. I wonder if the challenge on Lindsay Lohan night is how to go out virtually naked without getting arrested.

  • Susan

    Love, love it!! I tried watching the new Fashion Show on Brave (copycat of Project Runway)…and was NOT impressed…Tim Gunn and his advice are irreplacable!!

  • Ugh, I CANNOT WATCH FASHION SHOW. It is legitimately terrible and doesn’t have any of the spunk or quirkiness of PR.

  • katie

    I admit I have been watching The Fashion Show — but only because I miss Project Runway! I agree TFS is nowhere near as good as PR but at least it’s something :)
    Can’t wait for the return of Project Runway!

  • wine

    Im looking forward to teh new season!!!

  • kristin

    Oh, I’m so glad to learn that they won’t change much and that this season in LA might actually be fun and different! I was expecting the worst. And just last night I tried to watch an episode of The Fashion Show and it’s pretty much unwatchable! I can watch a lot of bad tv but I couldn’t sit though even one episode of it!

  • missin’ pr

    The Fashion Show blows — I miss Heidi and Tim!

  • MusicBox

    Interesting. But what sign on novelties of the news?