We first told you about The Row’s crazy patchwork fur backpack way back in December, but now we have a price to put to the bag: $16,900. Rachel Zoe’s email newsletter The Zoe Report recently sent out an endorsement of this bag, revealing the exorbitant price, and frankly I’m surprised it’s not a little bit higher.

Not that the bag is objectively worth $16,900, of course. I’m generally a fan of The Row’s bags and accessories, but this thing looks like it was assembled from the leftover carcasses of slaughtered muppets. It’s awful. Even more awful than the average fur bag, which is pretty bad to begin with. I wouldn’t carry it if I were given it for free, no matter how much I think that The Row generally designs bags that are gorgeous and classic. This one is the exception that proves the rule.

Rather, my surprise over the price is a result of the exorbitant prices that The Row tends to charge for its bags, particularly those in specialized materials. Even its regular leather totes cost in excess of $5,000, with prices for the alligator version of this backpack reaching $33,000. I expected The Row to go for a full $20k on this one, because why not? If there are people who are crazy enough to spend 17 grand and all of their dignity to carry this thing, why not tack another $3,000 on to the price? No word on where you can buy this bag yet, but you can shop The Row’s far more chic offerings via Net-a-Porter.

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  • EMC

    roadkill meets Silence of the Lambs

    • Suz

       yes…I second that notion…yuck

  • Chasing Ruins

    I love The Row for its minimal and somewhat masculine design.  This is just too much and too girly.

  • pixiegirlie

    I can’t imagine someone thought fur patchwork+backpack=good.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Would look cute on a cheerleader….. 

  • Elegant Tomatoe

    PETA would be pissed…LOL

  • Fiona – Brasil

    Too ugly and too politically incorrect!!!!They committed two crimes with one bag : against the esthetic and against the ethic…

  • 19yearslater

    Everything is wrong with this bag. Just no.

  • Sandra Rowley

    This is terrible, I would not carry this bag for free.

  • Megank4

    One fur goods worker : What should we do with these leftover scraps of fur?
    Second worker : I know! Let’s just piece them randomly together and sell it as lumpy bag for over 15,000$!

  • Mary s

    This is just like all the other bags from the row, too ugly for words.

  • mlle p

    The Row usually has much higher standards and classic good looks – this is almost like an April Fools bag from them!  

  • Jennifer

    I wouldn’t pay $17 for that bag, it’s awful. Looks like something you’d see at a teenage costume jewelry store in the mall. 

  • Good grief. It’s like a Furby gang bang.

  • Rashida

    This bag is plain disgusting!

  • Laurakasbaum

    OMG that’s hideous.

  • Amanda

    The Row made this?! Its hideous!

  • Cassandra

    This bag is amazing! :D


  • Humm, I’m going to be the kid who saw the king naked here, it’s really ugly and unnecessarily bloody. 

  • JR

    Mary Kate & Ashley don’t design anything.   It’s a licensing agreement.   I worked on their bags years ago and their company Dual Star Entertainment had a woman there that would send bags to us to knock off.     ps:   this is a really ugly bag!  

  • bryologue

    Monstrosity alert! 


  • Gco_90

    Everything that says “patchwork” normally equals overpriced and ugly. ‘The Row’ in my opinion needs a little edge, their designs are always boring.