Notting Hill Design Westbourne ToteThud.

I just fell off my couch.

The Notting Hill Design Westbourne Tote is just that beautiful. Never heard of the designer? Me neither. Nor has basically anyone, but they somehow snuck the Westbourne Tote into an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, on the arm of none other than Blair Waldorf herself, and that will set the fashion folks a-chatter more quickly than almost anything. As the name suggests, the brand is based in West London and has a small collection of several bags in a variety of exotics including python, crocodile, alligator and ostrich as well as calf, deer, goat, and buffalo leather. Their bags are simple but architectural in design, and the attention to detail paid when using the exotic skins is incredibly exact.

Look, for example, at the size of the scales on the inner side of the pockets and how it lines up with the size of the scales on the section of the bag to which it is attached. They obviously took great care to match up similar sections of skin in order to not break up the natural lines of the python, and the effect is tailored and chic. Many of our more well-known brands don’t make that kind of attention to detail a priority when working with python, and the fact that this small design house did speaks volumes about their commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The bag comes in a variety of skins and leathers, and therefore a variety of price levels, but I think that either the blue python or the ivory crocodile are my favorite. Buy through Notting Hill Design for £1,895.

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  • QueenMAB

    Ooooooh….pretty…..and they have it in grey ostridge too….pity my bank account. Please let them ship overseas, pretty please.

  • ChristineNY

    I agree completely. I scrolled down the main Purse Blog page on my morning visit and actually whispered “Holy s**t” to myself as this bag came into view. OMG, I love this bag! I’ll never be able to afford it, but I can always dream. Great find, Amanda.

  • Merve

    I did a holy crap too and im so happy that theres a cool new designer down my end of London as I never get to order from saks/eluxury/netaporter because of ridiculous tax charges. Unfortunately i cant see me getting the westbourne either their prices are just yikes! I’ve decided not to go through their site as well as i dont want to drool in front of colleagues.

  • msjean

    truly gorgeous! the aqua blue is heavenly! the proportions and detailing on this handbag are perfection. great post!!!

  • hazel

    Wow! Gorgeous! I love it! The attention to detail is to die for!

  • my new bag

    Whew, Would buy it in a flash, if the price is right.
    beautiful. Nice shape, interesting details.

  • Julie

    That is TDF. I wouldn’t choose that colour but the others on their website – the red is DIVINE. Did you see the python clutches (in turquoise and purple – my faves!) OMG!!! DROOL BIG TIME. Great feature.

  • MizzJ

    Gorgeous! Simple and classic. This bag is much nicer than some being put out by the larger design houses.

  • spanish moss

    soooo lovely and serene and classy/g

  • Mama M

    Double thud. It’s gorgeous and very classic. It even has outside zippers!

  • anne

    Hi Ladies,

    The Notting Hill Design Collection is available at and they ship worldwide! I have the Westbourne in slate and its absolutely wonderful! Happy shopping, Anne.

  • carrie

    I really liked the tan hobo…

  • asit kumar raha

    as a designer i must say that Notting Hill Design is somewhat perfect with perfect shape and has gorgeous look. if a girl has to choose two things either diamond or notting hill bag, then i must say that she will definitely choose notting hill bag…..right???

  • abitnerdy

    oh my gawd. love love. wonderful shape. eye catching color. love the detail. perfectioN! (fb)

  • Caroline

    Gorgeous!! I hope I win it!!!

  • s class benz

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