If you’ve been paying attention over the past few years, then you already know that J.Crew has ambitions beyond its mid-priced mall-brand origins. CEO Mickey Drexler and Creative Director Jenna Lyons have helped exponentially elevate the brand’s fashion status, and while J.Crew remains a good source for accessibly priced sweaters and cute statement jewelry, the store would also like to sell you handbags that cost four figures.

The J.Crew Edie Alligator Bag is the brand’s first private label foray into the world of luxury handbags. J.Crew has seen a lot of success with its mid-priced leather bags, and considering the brand’s desired upward mobility, remaking one of its biggest hits in a premium material makes a certain sort of sense. With that in mind, $1,500 for an alligator bag is actually not too terrible – a bag of this size, in this material, by a brand with a more high-end reputation would likely cost several thousand dollars more.

Still, four figures from J.Crew is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, although it seems that the brand knows that. This bag is only available at J.Crew’s Madison Avenue flagship, which means it’s more of a press piece than a true retail venture, and to that end, it seems like a successful undertaking. A python version of the bag, which retails for $795, is available via J.Crew’s website as well as at the Madison Ave store. It wouldn’t surprise me to see J.Crew launch more widespread high-end accessories lines in the future, though – would you be receptive, or is there a ceiling to how much you’re willing to pay for anything from J.Crew?

You can shop the leather Edie bags, which start at $238.

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  • Ummm…..yeaaaa.

    J. Crew? I’m not really seeing it. The problem with J. Crew, IMO, is that, while yes, they are garnering an incredible amount of fashion cred in recent years, their offerings, once you get past the surface, are not all that spectacular…as someone from another message group that I post on pointed out. Yes, they use “natural” materials and fibers in their fabrics, but they’re often the cheapest natural materials they can find – well, maybe not THE cheapest, but their textiles often leave much to be desired. The sweaters are usually only 2-ply yarns, pill easily, and lose their shape rather quickly.

    Granted, I’m sure the construction on this Edie bag won’t be SHODDY….it’s not a K-Mart special. But I reeeeeally can’t imagine it being a super high quality gator. So shelling out $1500 on a J. Crew ANYTHING? Again…..I’m just not seeing it.

    BTW…..first post on here ever. WOOT WOOT!

  • hdj

    NOT alligator. Caiman.

  • klynneann

    It’s J. Crew. I’m sorry, but no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be on par with designer labels in my book. Their prices are ridiculous for what they are and their return policy for sale items sucks. I pretty much stopped shopping there years ago.