Bottega Veneta Reflet Cabat

Earlier today we brought you information on how the Bottega Veneta Cabat is constructed. You all adore the Lilac Cabat we featured. I love it too. The Lilac Cabat is simply elegant. Truth is that a different Cabat had my heart all along and finally I have the pleasure of featuring it for you all.

Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Reflet Cabat - Folded

The Bottega Veneta Reflet Cabat makes my heart go pitter-patter. This version is completely enthralling, romantic, whimsical, and ever-so-lovely. I am having withdrawals letting this one go. There is a metallic finish that is applied to the leather and then it is hand buffed with a two-tone color mixture which gives the unique marbleized effect. This bag speaks to you. Each slight movement gives you a new color. Helping the color variations stand out, the woven Nappa leather showcases the metallic finish magnificently.

BV Limited Edition Cabat - Detail   BV Limited Edition Cabat - Detail    BV Limited Edition Cabat - Detail

BV Reflet Cabat Limited EditionThis is one of those bags that I feel speaks for itself. Words do not do justice to the beauty of the color. The curious thing about the metallic treatment of the leather is its direct reaction to the temperature of the incident light that hits it. Cold, indoor studio light will make the leather shimmer in a cooler purplish tone, while warm, afternoon sunlight will have the metallics radiate with hues of bronze and gold. There simply is no ONE tone to this bag, it varies in appearance and changes like a chameleon.

Is there a sophisticated way to beg for this bag? The Reflet Cabat in medium size is limited to 120 pieces worldwide and from what we have seen and heard, it is selling out quickly. Contact your local boutique or call Bottega Veneta to inquire at 877.362.1715. The Cabat will set you back by $5,950.

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  • kroquet

    Meg – gorgeous pictures and I am wondering if that bag will stay with you. Come on Vlad!!! An early Christmas pressie. Stunning bag!!

  • BagLuver

    This is fabulous! NO ONE does metallics better than BV!

  • zaali

    It also is making my heart pittar-patter…Wow wow wow…This bag is great…beyond words….

  • Babi

    such a beautiful bag!
    The color is really special…..I’m drooling

  • Venetta Sisson

    Love The Cabat!! Love all Bottega Veneta bags, also because my name is Venetta!

  • Anna

    My fingers are crossed for you, Megs. This bag is so crazy gorgeous I’m actually thinking it is going to spark a trend for gigantic evening bags. And sparkly day bags.

  • Liz G.

    This bag is gorgeous!! The metallic is just stunning and the way it was captured is awesome! WOW!! I love it!!!

  • jburgh

    Reflet is such a beautiful multi-dimensional color. I have seen it in person and it seems to change color with the lighting conditions. No one can outdo Bottega Veneta in metallic finishes. They simply leave everyone in the Dust (another great BV metallic, btw). Now if Peltro would come back my life would be complete.

  • renee

    I am going to buy a lottery ticket. NOW! I need these bags!

  • sunchicka

    Nice..what a bag!

  • mombug

    Gorgeous photos of an absolutely perfect bag. I am amazed at the beauty of this one!!

  • Amanda

    What a beautiful bag! One day I’ll have one of these.

  • Callie

    Megs if i were you, i have problem returning as the bags that are featured.
    As always, cabat is PRETTY!!!!

  • susan


  • septembersiren

    YOur pictures are beautiful but once again there is not a picture in the world that can do jusitce to the reflect cabat
    In real life it is so amazing. With every nuance of light it looks different.

  • May

    ooohhhhhh, luv the proportion and reflection…. luxury yet very subtle…. yummmieee

  • fuchsiafury

    Absolutely breathtaking! The last shot with the aged machinery looks brings out the divine metallic hues of this bag. Wow. It’s moments like these when I wish I were done with grad school and had a fighting chance of getting one of these bags!

  • Maricae

    aaaaaagh.. just when i thought the studded clutch was too beautiful..

    …this is over-the-top-gorgeous!!! i am in love..

    now where pray tell do i steal $6k???

  • boxermom

    This bag is TDF! I was lucky enough to see it and hold it–it’s the most beautiful Cabat I could ever imagine.

    Unbelievable photos!

    Only 125 fortunate people can have this stunner:-)

  • bags4fun

    That reflet is truly beautiful! I think Megs really needs to keep that bag!

  • PhotoGirl

    My G-d how I want that bag!

  • Merve

    God it really makes you want to rob a bank.

  • Mohnblume


  • NicAddict

    BV Zurich told me that this bag is already sold out in Europe!

  • ssc0619

    Words don’t do it justice!

  • Grad School Mommy

    it’s stunning — and that leather is almost translucent. i can’t even imagine owning something so incredible! ;)

  • MAX

    It’s not a bag, it’s master piece !!

  • Kendra

    It’s kind of weird. I don’t like how you have to fold it in. (fb)

  • Mousse

    My New Year’s Resolution. I will own a BV Cabat in 2011. (ipad).

  • AMN

    i want one, gorgeous (ipad)

  • Eileen

    I has been travel to Europe many times but never thought of getting a Bottega Veneta Cabat bag. Till May this year when I planned my Europe summer holiday cum shopping trip; Bottega Veneta’s brand just came to my mind… and now I came back with my medium size Cabat and a wallet which cost me 3950 euro & 490 euro, I got my cabat bag in Italy Florence.