With the ting accessories of the Golden Globes fresh in my mind, I couldn’t help spending a little bit of extra time in the evening bag sections of my favorite shopping websites last week. Here’s one thing I learned (and trust me, it’s groundbreaking): clutches cost a lot. It often seems as though the less they’ll hold, the more they cost, and still I want all of them. You heard me, every single one. Who can get enough tiny, shiny things?

If I were to attend an event that required a ball gown, I’d want to go super modern with my accessories; my personal style is just not particularly girlish, and modernity often acts as an effective balance to things that are pretty in a traditional or obvious way. My first impulse would be to go for a Charlotte Olympia Pandora Spider Clutch; brightly pigmented lucite with a spider on top is about as modern as an evening bag gets, but the simple, traditional shape means that it’s still formal enough to be worn to a seriously formal event.

Now don’t get my wrong, I love basically everything that Charlotte Olympia does, but the Pandora has always struck me as too expensive for what you get, even when you consider addition of the small insert that shields your belongings from prying eyes, if you so choose. With that in mind, I went looking for a less-expensive alternative – I knew that a less-expensive plastic box had to be out there somewhere. Sure enough, the CC Skye Bright Love Lucite Clutch provides a similarly sleek shape and poppy color for a little over a quarter of the price. The CC Skye option also offers a dual-color approach – one side is tinted orange, the other yellow, and it also comes in a pink-and-orange combination. For the difference in price, I’ll take it.

Charlotte Olympia Pandora Spider Box Clutch
$975 via Neiman Marcus

CC Skye Bright Love Lucite Clutch
$255 via ShopBop

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