When you were young, do you remember dreaming about all sorts of grandiose events you would attend when you were a “grown up”? I know I did. It wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about what it stood for, it was, well, about being a grown up. Now that I am a grown up, I’m still not attending the kind of events I used to dream about. I’m not complaining but I just am not there yet.

I remember being young and watching my mom get ready before she went out to a huge event with my dad. I remember her slipping on a gorgeous evening gown, fastening her necklace and any other jewelery. But more than anything else, I remember her grabbing a gorgeous evening bag and packing just the essentials into that bag. I thought about that night for myself for a while. Now I am a grown up and I think of carrying a Judith Leiber bag to one of those events.

Yes, with age, comes wisdom. And for me, that includes wisdom in the handbag realm. No matter what, I still spend time looking at and drooling over amazing evening bags. While I’ve seen it before, something jumped out at me about the Judith Leiber Damask Curved Clutch.

Anything Judith Leiber means sparkles, jewels, bling and glamor. This clutch has all of that and exquisite class. This clutch is fully beaded with dark indio and clear Austrian crystals. The pattern of the crystals is elegant yet not too dated. In fact, if you had the money to drop, it wouldn’t matter your age, because you could completely pull it off. Everything comes together with silvertone hardware and a push-button closure. This is the kind of evening bag that I’ve longed to carry and with the proper bit of saving, I might be able to make it mine. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $3795.

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  • MAX

    Oh dear $3700 for crystal box. I don’t know but I’d rather pay for something else. I like it though maybe place in on dining table for decoration (expensive one).

  • prnyc

    In real life, nothing could be further from the truth, but this is tv.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    I’ve longed for one of these miniaudiere’s since I was knee-high to a duck! I’m alot taller and much older now–but my dream of owning one of these beauties still lives on–

  • JenG

    This remains me of something my grandmother would have carried in the 1930’s!

  • Reese

    love it!

  • 19yearslater

    This is beautiful and so classy. I hope you get to make it yours, Shannon!

  • Karin bag4bag

    Staring at the screen and wanting it , but it won’t be mine with that pricetag. Such is life.

  • Merve

    It has to be my fave leiber…nice find shame about price :(

  • Faathima

    A timeless Piece! In SA we dont have shops that keep such stunning bags

  • AA

    She has the best evening bags! Beautiful!

  • Elyse

    this is timeless. I absolutely adore it (fb)