Kate Spade Little Anastasia Clutch, $345 via Neiman Marcus

I’m not sure exactly who it is that has righted the Kate Spade ship – creative director Deborah Lloyd? The designers she brought into the company? The marketing department? – but whoever it is, I sure hope that she is being paid handsomely. With every season, the brand once known for simple nylon bags with a signature black logo patch is getting better and better. The rate at which Kate Spade has come into its own is almost alarming.

Take, for example, the Kate Spade Little Anastasia Clutch. You can look at this little evening bag and automatically know what the brand’s about, even if you aren’t familiar with its new image. Fun femininity, bright colors, urbane whimsy – it’s all there, even when the package is so little.

Kate Spade makes a lot of great, reasonably priced bags lately, but the brand’s clutch game is highly underrated. Similar jeweled clutches had Megs and I both obsessed last spring, and mixing the colors and upping the scale of the rhinestones only makes me like this one even more than its predecessors. It’s small, so cramming my phone and keys inside might be a bit of a stretch, but I’d be willing to try for an evening bag this cute. The price is $345 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • bir

    oooo no no no this reminds of a game i had a s child something fantastic fred or something its just ……no for me !!

  • rose60610

    While I agree that Kate Spade has really upped its bag image, I’d have to see this in person. Jeweled detail can look so different from the photos. I like colorful evening bags.

  • Rashida

    Just terrible!

  • Elyse Greenberg

    Lately Kate Spade has been spot on and this clutch is no exception

  • Shirley J

    eeeehhhhhh!!!! lol idk bout this one

  • Alice

    Kate Spade usually does an adorable job on accessories but this one … I don’t know. It looks so cheap and fake and like those $5 play things you pick up in Ardene’s or something.

  • Mari

    Yea, I agree it does look a little cheap… But I approve of the general design other than that part, haha

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Awesomely cheap…

  • Jennie

    Cheap to the max! Could be a DIY job

  • Dawn

    I wouldn’t return it if I got it as a gift!

  • camilla

    Oh my God, you have no idea how much I love Kate Spade style, she is so particular