This Version of the Dior Book Tote Had Our Viewers Obsessed

Plus many of them thought it was Missoni...

One of my favorite new features for our social media accounts is our Bags In The Wild series (this series comes to our PB readers in the form of photography, while we feature video versions on Instagram and TikTok). This is the best way to see and share bags from consumers in the wild, and it always inspires!

Last week I shared a video of bags people carried by the pool to a Miami hotel; the bag that got the most adoration was an older version of the Dior Book Tote. Many people mistook it for a Missoni bag, and it was easy to think that based on all the Missoni print pool items everyone wore and the bag’s design. Yet, I knew it was a Dior Book Tote, and I found the exact version, so you can all argue over who will add it to the cart first.

About this Multicolored Version

This is the small-size Book Tote, but it’s not really small. I carry this size daily, even when I have both kids and their water bottles and snacks. The print features geometric shapes in warm colors. While some people don’t love the Christian Dior name across the center of their Book Totes, this bag does have it, but because the solid stripe is deep red in color, it hides it better.

Christian Dior Multicolor Embroidered Book Tote

Spotted in the Wild

This bag was accompanied poolside over Labor Day weekend to a hotel in Miami and I loved its wearer’s complete outfit – this new Missoni skirt, Prada Bucket Hat (this specific one, which I am obsessed with), and a white swimsuit. Her bag completed the outfit perfectly, the fashion equivalent of a chef’s kiss.

To see her bag, check this video’s last clip. Plus, you’ll see all the other glorious bags I spotted, making you wish for a warm weather getaway as soon as possible!


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Heather Tweedy
Heather Tweedy
1 year ago

I just saw this bag in real life at Heathrow last weekend and it was fabulous. However, while hopping around Europe, I noticed sooooo many Dior totes. Sort of worried it’s reaching a saturation point.

1 year ago
Reply to  Heather Tweedy

They’re so played out lol. And fakes galore. Especially here in NYC

1 year ago

Wow. This is the only Book Tote pattern I’ve seen that I’ve liked. Very Pendleton-esque! Any idea what season/year this is from? All I can find are dupes/replicas as the Rebag version is (obviously) sold.