Dior Wicker Frame Bag with Raffia Flowers

While carrying around a wicker and flower bag is not something I would choose to do everyday, carrying around a wicker and flower bag with the perfect dress to compliment it is something I would do. Today I feel like pairing every bag with an outfit so I can dream off to the world of fantasy and think of the outfit I would wear to accent each bag. When it comes to a wicker and flower bag, I would pair it with a perfect pink dress. The Dior Wicker Frame Bag with Raffia Flowers is a frame style bag with natural wicker and soft grained leather trim. Too add some girlyness to the bag, there are colorful raffia flowers on the front. Other features include polished silver metal hardware, leather handles with C and D links, measurements of 12″ x 6″ x 5″, and logo textile lining with a zipped pocket on the inside Ordinarily this bag does not fully do it for me, but when you pair this bag with the perfect pink dress, it compliments the outfit like no other. For my pair of the day, I elect to pair this expensive bag with an expensive but gorgeous Dior dress. Close your mouth and stop drooling over this gorgeous dress! The Dior Qian Dress with Triple Bow Detail shows off 100% silk crepe georgette with 100% silk velvet trim with a 100% approval rate on my side of the world. Can you not picture these two Dior goodies being perfectly paired together? This is where my dream world becomes a reality, the price tag. Buy the Dior handbag via eLuxury for $1800 and the dress also via eLuxury for $2355. Time to pinch myself, because this dream is sooo not becoming a reality anytime soon.

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  • Naggy

    I like the shape but nothing else at all. (ipad)