Dior Introduces Its Newest Bag on the Spring 2023 Runway

Get the details on the brand new Dior Key Bag

When it comes to a Dior Fashion show, there is nothing like one under the creative direction or, should we say, the creative imagination of Maria Grazia Chiuri. For Spring/Summer 2023, Maria Grazia Chiuri explores the House’s archives once again through her eyes, tracing her own path, as show notes from the collection stated. This vision of the past reimagined for today is at play in Dior’s latest bag, a shape designed for the now but with a certain vintage appeal.

Introducing the Dior Key Bag

Inspired by the House’s archives, the new Dior Key bag is a quintessential representation of the Dior DNA, but with a modern touch. The bag’s name is a giveaway for its closure, which twists and locks shut, mimicking the motion of a key.

The bag is anything but simple: a clean silhouette meant to showcase the iconic Dior savoir-faire. Its ladylike shape is defined by curved lines and rounded top handles that will also fit nicely under the shoulder in the larger sizes; the Dior Key Bag will be available in both vertical and horizontal styles. Each version will come in various size options too.

Discover below. Images courtesy of Dior.

Dior Key Bag Runway 1
Dior Key Bag Black
Dior Key Bag Runway 2
Dior Key Bag White


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  1. Victoria Avatar

    I like it in the smaller size.

  2. psny15 Avatar

    The Handle proportion doesn’t work with the bag

  3. Jamie Avatar

    Reminds me of the church ladies’ bags of my childhood.

    1. Julia Avatar

      Reminds me of why I stopped shopping at Dior. MGC is like a second gianco ferre, forgettable designs, complete lack of originality and exhausted looking.

  4. Cher Avatar

    Reminds me of some pre-WW2 designs?

  5. A Woman Of A Certain Age Avatar
    A Woman Of A Certain Age


  6. Julia Avatar

    I think outside of the Caro, that this is the best thing MGC’s created since coming to dior…