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  • Michelle

    I love the patterns and designs they have on the new bucket bags, but a heavy chain strap?! Just looking at it makes my shoulder hurt!

  • lavinia

    I “save” the backpacks, find them original. The rest? Musty..

  • shopper

    Their team is trying WAY too hard to be “design-y”. A lot of force fitting going on here.
    #6 is pretty.

    • KloeF

      I completely agree! I like slide 2, but everything else looks over-worked.

  • Stephanie

    I dont like the CD circle logo, looks cheap

  • _petitprince_

    When you find out the cost of these bags, it does not justify. These bags are overly designed and borderline tacky. For sure later on they will smack these bags on bloggers to sell them to the general public.
    Dioramas are so hot right now with Riri in the campaign, but in my opinion it’s just living in the shadow of the Boy bag. Btw the chains’ interlink are actually hollow – it’s hard to explain but definitely not the same quality as Chanel’s chains. The depth construction of the Boy bag is way more unique as well.
    In the OCEAN of handbags now a days, it’s hard to come up with newness that will be “it” but classic and timeless all at once.

    • ReneeO

      I think they make the chain hollow so that it is not so heavy.

      • _petitprince_

        I thought that too :)
        But it just look abit cheap :/

  • Newyorking

    I love these designs, they are interesting and not as plain. Yes Diorama is like Chanel Boy Bag, but it has grown on me. The hardware and strap length are much better done. I tried Chanel boy bag yesterday and it is not cross body like I thought, the strap is not long enough which is surprising. Chanel keeps doing the quilted stuff, nothing unique. Dior comes out with unique colors, hardware, and styles. This is a step in the right direction. I have found most of Dior’s new bags too plain – no design, just colors, leather, and the Dior charms. Adding more interest to the leather styles make the bags more interesting. But yes the price tag is just too high. Designers are going crazy putting big price tags on mediocre bags. And no Chanel is also not worth it. How many quilted bags are we seeing out there? Why is Chanel different? Just the logo?

    • _petitprince_

      Chanel will always hold it’s value better than Dior. Chanel herself invented the shoulder bag. There’s an allure missing from these bags. Lady Dior is a classic I would recommend. I understand everyone has different tastes :) But you should see the queues at Chanel stores versus Dior though:) #flyinglikepancakes

      • Edia

        i think you have those queues because a lot of people dont have an opinion and run like sheap to whichever is the latest “thing”. and chanel is having a moment right now obviously

      • _petitprince_

        If people are spending over 5000$ on a bag, I hope they have an opinion and thought over it:)

  • kemilia

    I like slide #17, that’s it.

    • Kelchic

      Me too. Not a fan of any of the others.

  • Slides 1 and 16 for the win!

  • Arc

    Looks cheap and not Dior-like. It’s almost like he’s trying to emulate the Galliano years, but unfortunately failing.
    They’re just jumping on the bandwagon with the new drawstring bag, it almost looks like a cheap Michael Kors.
    I love Dior, but they’re trying too hard with this collection.

  • kkonAROLL

    CD’s are round,

    thanks, got it.

  • Edia

    i feel as though raf was very inspired by nicoals

  • SydneyEastCoast

    Well, I have to say this is the first time I have seen anything I like from Dior and would consider buying. I like where they are going, it is a bit more edgy and less prim and proper which I like. I don’t know much about Dior bags but I will now start investigations!

  • mollypete

    I think 11 and 13 are also new, no? Dior already had a bucket design, albeit without a drawstring. Its the Dioriffic and its an amazing bag.

  • patty

    This discussion reminds me the eternal Coke VS Pepsi battle!

  • Pat

    i hated the diorama bag at first because its such a boy ripoff, but now i cant help but love it. its the same style, just not so “mass”

    • _petitprince_

      “mass” is not a bad thing…like white button down, skinny dark jeans, or iphones :)

    • Patricia M

      I agree, it looks like a boy bag, can’t help but love it though.

  • Jack Neill

    Raf never fails to disappoint.

  • Susie

    I dislike the CD circle logo. It makes the bag look tacky/showy, you don’t need to make a point of telling the brand. Looks like they’re trying to copy LV