Prada Tessuto Baby Bag

Last night, as I was getting Baby B ready for bed, I realized that spit up is my nemesis. Sure, it is natural and there are no hard feelings toward the baby, but boy does the spit up stink and boy is it hard to clean up! After 3 onesies in a period of 1 hour, I realized ease of cleaning it the most important aspect when buying baby products. The Prada Nylon line is known for practicality, which makes the Prada Tessuto Baby Bag the perfect baby bag. The nylon can be wiped up with a wet cloth, and this bag has a high usability factor, with a front and side zippered pockets, a changing pad, and a cross body strap. Dimensions are 13″W X 11½”H X 4½”W. Throw in a change of clothes (or two or three), diapers, wipes, cream, and you are on your way. This is one of those great baby bags, that can be thrown around, spilled on, spit up on, and still make it through the storm. Via Saks for $1100.

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