Isabela Fiore HandbagSo little Miss Fiore has not been my favorite lately. Some of her designs are cheaply appalling. But then I stumbled across this Isabella Fiore “Bubbles” Large Baby Bag and realized that I really really liked it. Just plain and simple, I like the bag. It’s a cute summer diaper bag that can show off a fun-side from the average black baby diaper bag. I know when I have kids, I will be sure to have different bags to tote around like a diaper is a fashion statement. Hey, it is! So for you mommies who want to prove to the world how much fun you can still have when being a new mom, I really suggest this bag. The bag measures 16.5″W x 10″H x 6″D and can be purchased through Adasa for $310.

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  • MissFendichick

    I just love the purse blog. I mean what girl doest need a fendi, gucci, and prada in her closet. Im very pleased to write that I love it here where a girl can be a girl!

  • Things haved moved foreward since my sons were babes in arms. A designer baby bag for Mom to feel really special! I would have loved it!

  • this is a really good bag to go to the beach with your darling little one :)

  • zoesmom

    Where was this bag when I was toting the diapers!?!? The best I got was Kate Spade, but this is much, much cuter.

  • jami

    Actually, I love Isabella Fiore, but this diaper bag looks so JC Penney to me!! I would neve be caught carrying this…now on the otherhand, I.F. designed a fabulous black and cream diaper backpack that I found divine and classy. So much for the “boring black” diaper bag..this one was beautiful and I would have preferred it to this I.F. any day….

  • madamesatin

    This bag is so Target,,,maybe because if the big round spots. I haven’t taken a look at the quality so I won’t comment. I would rather see something disticinctly Isabella please.

  • madamesatin


  • Amy

    I love great looking diaper bags. With my daughter I spent a fortune on one bag and after just a little bit of taking it everywhere it got dingy. This made me so mad. Now with my second I smartened up. I was able to get several adorable and fashionable bags for an awesome deal. I found this site, and I was able to get three great bags, a case of diapers for less than my first diaper bag. I was able to save enough on diapers to justify to my husband getting the additional bag. Because I was a new customer I was able to get $2 off of my first order by using referral code “REMA8993″. With this code I paid no shipping or tax either, that is really a bonus when buying online. I was able to save a bundle, now I have great looking diaper bags, and diapers delivered right to my door. Now I can spend more time shipping for things that I want, like clothes and shoes, and less time hovering in the diaper isle at the store. I am so happy for internet shopping.

  • Susan Marcus-Smith

    I like this bag because I’m into intense colors, but it’s so expensive for what it is! I bought a Zosephine diaper bag in orange (about $150) and I love it. Beautiful construction, couldn’t be happier. Some people might like the black ones better, but I really like orange and pink. I think their website is

  • This is a great bag!!! I have one for sale that was only used once on Ebay if your interested. I really like this bag, but could only use it once for other reasons.

  • I would neve be caught carrying this…now on the otherhand, I.F. designed a fabulous black and cream diaper backpack that I found divine and classy :twisted:

  • Nancy

    The Zosephine bags are much cheaper at – $120. Here is the link:

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