The Coach Bandit Bag Might Be the Ideal Holiday Party Bag

The season of events is upon us and you need a great bag

Time flies when you’re living life; with that being said, the holidays and everything that comes with them is upon us. This is the first year many of us feel like the holidays will be more normal, with parties and gatherings, which means holiday outfits will start to be planned. Your office party will be back, along with other events and fun, and when it comes to finishing off your look, a compact bag is ideal. Enter the Coach Bandit Bag, the classic and simple option that will work for every party and event.

While sometimes I love the idea of a sparkly bag for the fun of holidays, I also note that it isn’t the most practical, and many of us want a bag that we can grab that is more usable than a few times a year. The Coach Bandit is clean and sleek, with a simple design offered in a few sizes. You can opt for the smaller version if you really want to keep it compact (the reviews state that this version will fit an older iPhone), or you can choose the larger size, which will fit current-size iPhones.

A Rainbow of Bandits

There’s a great number of colors offered, including vibrant orange and neon yellow, and the smaller version has a deep green that screams holiday parties. Depending on the leather color (which is a really smooth, refined calf leather), the C logo closure and hardware will come in either silver or gold. On the inside of the larger size, you’ll find snap and multifunction pockets as well as an outside open pocket. The adjustable shoulder strap allows for different modes to carry as well, ranging from over-the-shoulder to crossbody.

The smaller size, which I love for all those holiday parties, is selling fast, so don’t sleep on it. The smaller size has dimensions of 7″ L x 4 1/4″ H x 2 1/2″ W, while the larger size has dimensions of 9 1/4″ L x 5 3/4″ H x 2 1/4″ W.

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