These days, the concept of sustainability and a circular ecosystem are top-of-mind for savvy consumers, and rightfully so. More and more brands are looking for ways to bring a sustainable mindset to their values, and Coach is helping to lead the way. Introduced last year, Coach (Re)Loved calls on the Coach community to trade in pre-loved bags with its Coach (Re)Loved Exchange program. The items are then refurbished, reimagined, remade, or recycled, giving new life to pre-loved Coach products and furthering Coach’s commitment to circular fashion.

Choosing to purchase a Coach (Re)loved product over a new item reduces an item’s carbon footprint by 76%. Not only does the environment benefit from this exciting program, but the donator does as well, receiving a Coach credit for helping create a less wasteful retail ecosystem. There’s more to Coach (Re)Loved than just bettering our environment. The initiative calls upon the creative passion and imagination of Coach’s designers and craftspeople to give these products a second life.

Reimagined, Refurbished, (Re)Loved

This year, just in time for the holiday season, Coach has introduced a giftable selection of Coach Remade products that will delight Coach fans, both new and old. Coach Remade is part of the Coach the (Re)Loved program, which takes pre-owned, unrepairable bags and reimagines them into new products. Pre-loved goods are deconstructed by Coach’s expert craftspeople and given a new purpose and a second life. Coach fans will love the appearance of a Coach icon, Rexy, which is thoughtfully crafted from repurposed leather pieces from deconstructed, pre-loved bags into a giftable oversized 3-D Puzzle.

The absolutely adorable and completely loveable Coach Remade Collectible Bear is definitely a standout. It gives back to the environment — it’s crafted from 95% repurposed materials (even the stuffing, which is made primarily of shredded bag scraps). It requires the expertise of 4 Coach craftspeople and takes nearly two whole days to complete. On average, the craftspeople working on Remade products have an average of 20-25 years working for Coach, and Eduardo Zhune, the bear’s stitcher, has been part of the Coach family for 37 years!

Coach Remade pieces are like owning a piece of history, making them the perfect gift this holiday.

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Max Brownawell
Max Brownawell
1 month ago

Love this! Reminds me of Hermes petit h

1 month ago

How creative 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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