My Favorite Coachtopia Bags are Back in Stock

Coach has found the right formula...

While many brands grapple with the idea of how to implement sustainability and true eco-friendliness in an industry that is constantly producing for consumers, it seems that Coach may have found the success so many have sought. We introduced Coachtopia a couple of months ago, and from launch, the brand has seen sell-out success.

Coachtopia is a multi-faceted approach, explained as “circular craft, powered by community, building towards a better future for our planet.” Simply put, Coachtopia reimagines waste and crafts products from recycled, repurposed or renewable materials. The second aspect, that of community, is an interesting element as Coach utilizes a Beta Community made up of Gen Z individuals who share ideas about products. This approach is one that works, and the final product proves it.

Intriguing Designs

Coach has always shown a playful side, with plenty of stand alone bags to last a lifetime alongside more fun bags with a sort of pizazz. Coachtopia allows the latter to shine, with prints and patterns that immediately lure you in alongside more classic variations with new materials to add an updated twist.

I’ve found myself coming back to what Coachtopia has to offer, and since the brand just restocked, you might want to check it out before they all sell out again!

Coach Wavy Dinky
coach ergo shoulder bag
coach wavy dinky in cherry
coach ergo shoulder in zipper
coach wavy dinky in strawberry
coach ergo shoulder bag in checkered

Coachtopia Cherry Bag


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1 year ago

such a yummy summer bag!

1 year ago

I bought the Ergo Cherry in London last month, loving it so far!

1 year ago
Reply to  Georgina

I just bought the black and white checkerboard Ergo…waiting to arrive on Friday 🙂