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  • missarewa

    I can’t believe i’m about to say this of a coach bag, but they look classy (!!!). I can see myself rocking the mini version in some fun colors. Oh the handbag market is about to change big time! As coach and other contemporary designers start to put out these nicer, pricier pieces, the high end luxury designers will increas prices to set themselves apart. The consumers will be the ones to pay for this. big time.

  • Guest

    The second to last bag looks like Coach modified a Valentino rock stud tote and added a Hermes-like front flap closure… I’ll pass.

    • pops


    • PJGambler

      I kind of like it, wonder what the retail price is–can’t find it on their website…….

      • Prices won’t be set yet as these are Spring 2015 items – but once we get a bit more info over the next few months we will be sure to let you know!

  • Guest

    loving all these looks! can’t wait to buy the short pink jacket in 2nd to last photo

  • Guest

    I love the first bag

  • Jeloi

    Love the featured bag, gorgeous!

  • stylish

    love love love!!!!

  • nancy

    Can’t get behind the orthopedic sandals

  • Katia

    Ughhh, that bag would look so good in burgundy!

  • Ali

    Coach clearly copied the celine nano and Valentino rock stud

    • MrUNC07

      Actually we (they) didn’t – BUT, Stuart Vevers or new exec creative designer does come from a European/ Traditional luxury background and I definitely think that influence is being seen in our new products.

  • jen

    I like the new looks! I gave in recently to buy the large soft borough bag, my first coach purchase in years, and i think i just might have to make another purchase this season! Has anyone an idea about prices?

    • PJGambler

      NO, but I went in to the Coach store today (live in SF Bay Area-Calif.) and clerk said they would be coming in this Friday.

  • CocoLove

    I believe Coach is having an identity crisis. I did like the Borough bag when it came out and I understand they want to compete in the luxury market with better leathers and materials, but I’m just not falling for it. As other people have mentioned, looking at their spring line, I see Hermes and Valentino in there. Sorry, Coach.

    • MrUNC07

      Well, honestly if you liked or like Borough I can honestly say the new Coach is probably not for you. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, I mean Louis isn’t for everyone and neither is Prada, Fendi, or any other handbag for that matter.

  • Robin

    I am so disappointed with the Coach Fall 2014 handbag collection, and now again, with what I see for Spring 2015. I do not like what Stuart Vevers has lent to this line of upper scale handbags. Gone is the classic Coach bag, and everything I’ve come to expect : The designs, materials, colors, and the perfect tassel. Every design that seems to come from this man’s mind, just looks like his own rendition of someone else’s work. It used to be that one could look at a handbag and instinctively know it was a ‘Coach’. Not now. Metal tags, grommets, mediocre designs, and this ridiculous character I see gracing the sides of these bags makes me hang my head in shame. This attempt at youthfulness falls extremely short; hell, it doesn’t even work. At 48, I do not want something my daughter would carry. I don’t see the sophistication that I’ve come to expect; the head-turning designs I’m used to. Vevers is catering to another group, a much younger group. I missed the semi annual sale, sadly. Now I can’t find any pieces from that collection. Now I have to wait until Fall 2015, hopefully finding something that can stand up to the image of what I’ve come to expect from a Coach handbag.

    • Aurora

      I’m 29 and these bags don’t appeal to me whatsoever. I got my first Coach bag about six years ago and have amassed a collection of 30 or so in the time since. A recent Bleecker woven city tote is the only bag I’ve purchased from Coach in the last year or so because I simply do not like the direction they are headed. The classic simplicity of the Madison and Legacy lines, and even the youthfulness of the Poppy line, were much more appealing to me than what Stuart Vevers is creating now. Looks like I’ll have to start shopping other brands… too bad I don’t like the styles of the comparably-priced competitors.

    • Alexandra Bowman

      I’m 27 and I’m not super impressed either… My favorite Coach collection is still Legacy.

  • lumbrelymarie

    I love what Steve did with the spring collection. Even though his inspiration is east west I also see the NYC club kid influence with the colored foe fur, candy like platform shoes and animation detail. FUN!