Coach Explores Pop Art With Its Tom Wesselmann Collection

Collector's pieces you can wear...

Renowned sixties pop Artist Tom Wesselmann began drawing cartoons during his enlistment in the army in the early 50s, which dramatically shifted the course of his life. When he returned to college to finish his studies in psychology after his enlistment was over, he received a bachelor’s degree but realized he wanted to do more. Thus, Wesselmann began to pursue a career in cartooning and enrolled at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

After finishing his studies, the beloved pop Artist, known for his rejection of abstract expressionism, moved to New York. He became widely known for his boundary-breaking work, creating collages and powerful art that explored nudity through bold compositions, abstract imagery, and pop colors. He is widely known for his Great American Nude series, and now, nearly 20 years after his death, his art lives on, celebrated in a new collaboration with Coach.

Coach x Tom Wesselmann

“The prime mission of my art…is to make figurative art as exciting as abstract art.” —Tom Wesselmann

Coach is no stranger to the collaboration game. This time, Stuart Vevers, Creative Director at Coach, was inspired by Wesselmann’s playful optimism and talent for finding inspiration in the most mundane of everyday objects. Vevers worked hand in hand with Wesselmann’s estate during the creation of this collection, which features bags, ready-to-wear, and accessories.

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 10
Coach X Tom Wesselmann Swinger ($575) and Coach X Tom Wesselmann Shirt Dress ($595)

A Joyful Tribute

Pieces from the collection feature bold graphics and prints, which are a nod to Wesselmann’s playful work and overall positive outlook on life. The artist’s colorful work appears atop Coach classics like the ever-iconic and always beloved Rogue bag, the Cashin Carry Tote, the Swinger Bag, and more. The collection perfectly marries Wesselmann’s legacy with Coach’s heritage. Glovetanned leather bags and Coach’s classic jacquard C’s are embellished and splashed with eye-catching motifs from Wesselmann’s work.

In celebration of the partnership and as an ode to Coach’s New York heritage, we took a few pieces from the new collection out for a spin, allowing the pieces to pop amidst quintessential cityscapes. Check out more below, and shop the entire Coach x Tom Wesselmann collection now via Coach.

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 14
Coach X Tom Wesselmann Cashin Carry Tote ($595) and Coach X Tom Wesselmann Sweater Vest ($550)

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 13

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 21

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 16

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 19

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 3
Coach X Tom Wesselmann Swinger and Coach X Tom Wesselmann Shirt Dress

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 4

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 6

Coach x Tom Wesselmann 7


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