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  • Guest

    I spy some bags that I need. In pic #19, I NEED that metallic blue bag with the gunmetal hardware and I need the floral tote in pic #10. I not that excited about the monster bags although the leather looks yummy. Excited to see the collection as it starts to roll out.

  • Tee

    UGLY…Coach is going in a very bad direction. Sighs

  • missarewa

    Oh slide 20! It may be time to invest in Coach, I like the direction they are headed in

  • HfromT

    WHAT are those creatures on those bags??!! I guess I’m probably out of the loop on this, but I think they’re absolutely horrid!

    • anon

      Exactly! It’s like in a bid to be seem as more higher end, they’re trying to emulate a Fendi monster kind of feel? Ugh.

      • Guest

        This collaboration with Gary Baseman has absolutely zero to do with Fendi monster.

      • anon

        I know it has nothing to do with the Fendi monster, thats already obvious. I’m pointing out a trend of monster/cartoon-y designs with handbags.


        thank u

      • Stina Sias

        I hate the Fendi monsters and bag bugs but I LOVE these! I love cartoons a lot in general, though.

      • anon

        Well, I do see how this will definitely appeal to certain consumers/styles.

      • helen872

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      • ReneeO


  • Stina Sias

    Do you have any inkling when these will be available? I need all of them.

  • PJGambler

    Slide 21 looks a lot like the expensive Birkin–very nice

    • Sandi

      Exactly—it all looks like modified copies of other designers. But therein lies the problem

  • Kiddo

    I love the creature on some of the bags. I think it is very unique. Overall I love the bags…very traditional and edgy.

  • macroblue

    Too trendy for me. Most of these bags look like they’d go out of style about two hours after you buy them.

  • Lori

    I think these are great. I pretty much have hated Coach for years, especially their logo bags, which are horrible. I think these have real style and are unique. I wonder if they will alienate their core shoppers though? I love the tote with the big stitching, can do without the creatures being I am a bit older. Overall I think they are really doing something interesting. I am going to check them out at my local Coach store soon. (Just bought the new Lockit so won’t be purchasing anything for another few years….lol)

    • exactly. I’ve despised the signature C logo + lining bags because those are horrid. But i’ve been looking more and more at coach’s offering since early 2014, and they are starting to appeal to me and my friends as well (they never look at coach for the same reason I mentioned). Hope they’ll carry forward well.

  • Lauren

    I love the PLAIN ones

  • Canuck65

    They look cheap ugly knockoffs! And what are those creatures? They look like some kindergarten DYI project.

  • Shanelle

    I am on the fence about the creature bags, but Slide 7, Slide 9, and Slide 12 have my attention. I will be on the lookout for those, especially since the bags in Slide 7 look like the old Double Pocket Carrie Satchels. Nice. I hope the lining is normal and not the hideous smelling Signature C lining. I have bought 2 Coach bags with that lining and returned them due to an excessively chemical smell. As for everything else, I think that it will bring people in as the bags are pretty much nice and refined. Of course, I am already stoked for the new bags they just put out on the Coach website. Those Floral bags and accessories are just lovely!

  • anon

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    • Sparkletastic


  • Renee

    Okay the cartoons on the bags are absolutely ridiculous. However, there are a few plain styles that peaked my interest and I wouldn’t mind seeing up close.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Not sure about this direction but I guess the market will tell if its successful or not. As far as the line goes it definitely has a specific look to it, but I can say its “Coach.” Good luck with this.

  • sara

    No, just no.

  • cbl

    wtf is up with this hideosity?! barf.

  • Coachgal

    These new characters by Gary Baseman live inside the Coach girl’s handbag, sometimes they are nice and sometimes they are naughty–they travel with her and hear all of her stories and secrets.
    These darkly playful creature even have their own names, i.e. the gremlin is Buster Le Fauve and the rabbit is Emmanuel Hare Ray.

  • Sparkletastic

    Buh bye, Coach! Years ago, as a young girl, I drooled over your quality leather and workmanship. And once I grew up and could afford you, I tried to muddle through the declining quality and lack of fashion innovation. (Shhhh…I actually love my deliciously tacky Poppy sequin bag with the disco ball.)

    But, what in the unholy heck are you doing now?!? Are you TRYING to run off anyone who doesn’t want a joke bag?!

    I want high quality, fashion forward style and class. This. Is. Not. It.

  • EGlez ?

    I was on their website yesterday, and saw a literal knockoff of the Fendi Peek-a-Boo, I was very happy when Stuart Vevers was named the new creative director, but so far his work has been pretty underwhelming…

    • shueaddict

      Peek-a- boo-boo!!!!

    • Vibronics

      Fendi should take them to the cleaners over this.
      Really not cool; its like when you see copied designer bags on market stalls.

  • Cathy

    Love love love all the solid color satchels! I spy a blue one I must have!

  • lavinia

    I live in Europe and our perception of Coach is not at all of a luxury brand. I’m sorry but I preferred the “pre-disaster” coach models, their bags were finest and the brand (as it for shape, material etc.) was going, for me, into the right direction, but now I’m quite surprised to see how here everything sounds wrong to me…

  • shueaddict

    Am I the only one to think they ripped off the Gruffalo’s child ????

  • a

    What happened to the holiday patchwork purses? I was hoping for new patchwork release this holiday season

  • FashionableLena

    Still not impressed.

  • CocoLove

    What’s up with the double turnlock??? Are we trying to out-do everyone else who has a turnlock on the front (e.g. Hermes). Don’t like this collection at all! I am moving farther and farther away from Coach… their prices have also increased in Canada, and with our higher tax rate, it’s just not worth it anymore (plus no more 25% off cards). I did like the Rhyder 33 from the Fall 2014 Collection though…

    • catmazz

      the use of the turnlock is nothing new for Coach, in fact it it was a feature introduced to women’s handbags by Coach over 50 yrs ago by Coach’s first creative director Bonnie Cashin. It has been an iconic symbol for Coach ever since and has always been used in their Classic line as well as its newest designs by current creative director Stuart Vevers. In fact the turnlock is considered one of the 5 Coach Codes along with the Horse & Carriage, the hang tag, signature C and BritishTan leather. Stuart Vevers is attempting to modernize and bring a fun new edginess into the brand, that many felt had become stagnant and dated and was getting lost in a sea of younger trendier competitors such as Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Philip Lim, etc etc, while still keeping with Coach traditions by implementing those iconic symbols into his fresh new designs. Although Coach has taken on this new exciting venture, they still have many classic styles available for there long time core customers. As someone stated further up in the thread, this is runway people! And the Gary Baseman cartoons are part of a VERY limited collection. They are just trying to spread the appeal to a younger broader audience while at the same time continuing to maintain their long time classic customer.

  • LindaLou

    I can’t say that I’m really impressed with any of the Coach bags from Fall 2014. By the look what’s being offered for Spring 2015- I’ll pass! Most of the bags look like they are designed for teenage kids. Sorry Coach, I think you lose quite a big chunk of buyers!

  • Sandi

    Is this a JOKE? Are the bags being launched on April 1, 2015?? Is this designer on drugs? Only one bag is minimally appealing here…:-(

  • Kris

    I like the double turnlock bags quite a bit. (…Just when I thought my checking account was safe!!!) :(


    Something many of you are failing to realize is that this is the Runway Collection. which will have very little to do with the mass market collection, which still is appealing to Coach’s core clientele. While the key styles are modernized, this collection is contemporary and on trend in fashion, which is meant to complement a woman’s RTW and accessory wardrobe right along side brands like Rag & Bone, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, and Marc by Marc Jacobs, ETC. Not to worry though, Signature “C” is considered one of Stuarts house codes for Coach, so its not going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Sly

      Thank you so much!!!


        my pleasure :D

  • RJ40

    Which designer did he not rip off? I see Celine, Hermes, Valentino,Givenchy.There are some pretty bags there but he stole alot of ideas from other designers.

    • nonme

      Look back to vintage Coach and see how much Celine, Hermes, Valentino, and Givenchy took from them. Thank you Bonnie Cashin.

  • RiRi


    • mspringtown

      Ditto. What a horrible looking collection. Ugh!

  • Sly

    I think people need to realize that for a brand to survive, a brand must evolve, stay modern, even a bit trendy. Yes in order to survive a brand must court new clients, younger clients, while keeping the clients they have happy. If you go to their website you’ll see all the bags that have been there for years, and the new bags from the runway. Things for the customers already there, and things to attract new clients. These handbags a fun and beautiful!

  • Kathy Dowdle

    Not feeling the weird little creatures either, and the big ones painted and embossed on the bags are a nightmare! I do love the double turn-lock bag though, (the Swagger Satchel?) in all of it’s configurations especially the periwinkle blue, and the green metallic mini! My mind keeps going back to that hideous creature! You just can’t un-see something like that!

  • Classic Coach

    I stay away from any purse that I can’t leave to my children. There are still some classic, timeless looking COACH BAGS. I just bought, I mean, Santa just bought me a dark brown one using the Black Friday Sale that gives 15% off right now, while donating a meal to FEED AMERICA here:

  • Arthur Melkonyan

    They look really cool and I love coach.

  • NowIsave$

    Horrid is spot on. I’ll be happy when some of the current bags get marked down. My wallet will be even happier. Looks like I’m buying my last few Coach bags soon. Does anyone even look at the designs before they are produced? Maybe just “yes” people. Good luck with this trend. I’m out.

  • Gayle

    That new bag is ugly with the little toy on it not cool

  • pam

    I hate the new Coach Collection they have ruined their style

  • Lydia

    They also have some bags look like louis vuitton. I love them.

  • Stephanie Taylor

    These are meant to be collectible/runway pieces. Gary Baseman is a famous street artist and illustrator, this sort of embellishment is a trend for the fashion industry as a whole for 2015 2016. Personally not my thing. But I love the black swagger bag. My first Coach purchase in a decade! Great quality for a reasonably priced bag, and loving the minimal branding that’s happening. No ugly logos or hardware. Definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Jennifer Barkworth

    The “rabbit” is sickening who would want an image like that on anything? Dreadful!

  • Imgoingbroke

    Bondage Bunny – yikes!