I know I’ve said this plenty of times before, but I still find it absolutely confounding that a former Spice Girl now designs a range of totally luxurious, well-crafted handbags that are sold by some of the finest retailers in the world. Is this real life? Am I taking crazy pills?

Beckham’s aesthetic has come a long way since the days when she was the leather-chap-wearing queen of the British WAGs (wives and girlfriends of soccer players, for the uninitiated), and pieces like the Victoria Beckham Two-Tone Lizard and Leather Clutch demonstrate the classic, heavily tailored look that Vicky B’s been working to great effect for the past couple of years.

If the people at Pantone are to be believed (and sure, why not?), this shade of creamy, feminine pink is supposed to be the big color of 2011. I would have preferred if Beckham’s accessories team had chosen to accent the pink lizard flap with grey leather instead of basic black, but this combination does make for an all-season clutch with a very luxurious vibe.

My only other complaint is with the bag’s lack of an optional shoulder strap. With a clutch this substantial, a removable strap would have made it much more versatile and useful. Other than those two quibbles, however, this bag is a very nice piece with just as much style cache as you’d find from almost any other brand at this price point. Ok, actually, one more quibble: As with several of Victoria’s other bags, the price point on this one seems to be a little high, even though it uses a good bit of exotic leather. Really, that’s the last quibble. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2750.

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  • Britty

    It’s adorable, but WAY too expensive for what it is.

  • Nhi Tran

    It’s cute, but for the price… Not so much.

    • KaylaNiche


  • lisa

    perfection, in my opinion

  • Mochababe73

    Can’t carry clutches so I wouldn’t wear it.
    Borderline boring, but I love the pink color.
    Too expensive. However, I am glad that she’s not hawking cheap, overdone PVC bags.

  • Lulugurl

    Its cute, but way to expensive and really not a fan of the pink/black combo…pink and grey would have looked at lot better IMO

  • MizzJ

    I find it hard to swallow to pay that much for someone I still see a celeb first, designer second. She does make very covetable designs I’ll give her that and this clutch is quite stylish. If it had a strap, it’d be perfect.


  • Joyce

    Victoria, I love your designs but why do your bags cost more than Chanel?

  • louch

    I think it is beautiful but totally agree about the price and lack of shoulder strap.

  • 19yearslater

    Oh, no- we just got out of a camel colour trend, I don’t want a salmony pink to be the It color. Excited for summer’s orange trend.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Like most of the comments, love the pink color (recently purchased three bags in this color range), the design is not bad but VB is effing crazy with that asking price. And I agree with MizzJ about her being a celeb first & designer second. One would assume she was born & bred a blueblood but no, she’s a woman who got lucky in the entertainment world, married well & had a knack for wearing nice clothes. Even in my most RIDICULOUS shopping spasm, I wouldn’t pay that.

  • Amy A

    ( my favorite phrase: ” shopping spasm”) :) and yeah, what they said lol

  • DJ

    I’m not feeling this one. I think it’s a little too drab and basic. A shame when lizards die in vain!

  • WT

    nothing special about this bag. the designs are generic, you could probably get a brand-less bag for $30 in this design..

  • Chris

    Great and stylish handbag, a bit too expensive though.
    I admire Victoria. Yes, she is definitely too thin but other than that? She has now 2 extremely successful careers, a gorgeous and devoted husband, the fourth kid is on the way… lucky her.

  • PhotoGirl

    Beautiful bag. If I could afford it, I’d buy it. I love her clothing line, too.

    I think she took the Spice Girl gig and parlayed it into a successful second career that can have some longevity if she plays her cards right. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Perhaps it seems odd to some because we are so used to stupid pop stars who have never given a thought as to how they’ll have a meaningful life after the stadium lights go out and the last record has been sold. It’s refreshing to see that Victoria Beckham has not fallen into that trap.

  • Chele

    Very elegant but pricey!

  • Cathy Fitz

    Beautiful bag, but not at a price I would consider.