I’ve always had the vague feeling that a lot of exotics were a bit of a scam. Price is a measure of perceived value, particularly in fashion, and if all designers drive their prices for exotics sky-high, then over time, consumers will come to expect that exotics will cost those prices and convince themselves that they’re so high because they have to be. I’m not claiming that exotics don’t cost more to farm and are often more delicate and difficult to work with; I believe all of that. But I do think that prices have been artificially high for some time now, and bags like the Ted Rossi Pleated Eel Clutch make me think I’m right

Ted Rossi Pleated Eel Clutch

This bag does appear on a discount website, and it is made out of one of the less-expensive exotics to begin with, but it IS exotic and fairly intricate in its construction. The pleating is gorgeous and the shine of the eel skin is subtle and glamorous. Sale prices often indicate what the price of a bag SHOULD be (since, theoretically, if a bag has to be put on sale then it was priced too high for the market anyway), and when you take the mark-down into account, this sleek little clutch is a steal for an exotic skin in a shape and size that you’ll use on nights out for years to come. Buy through Bluefly for $402.

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  • Merve

    Im salivating

  • Merve

    is it weird that its eel? i cant decide

  • renee

    Stunning. Bluefly extra 10% off handbags today, too!

  • Yuli

    I totally agree with Amanda regarding the prices. That is why I always buy my bags on sale.

  • Puss in boots

    A simple and elegant clutch!

  • MizzJ

    Very nice and elegant! I own an eel skin clutch and I have to say the leather is quite exquisite. It’s not the softest leather ever, but it’s durable. In fact, I’ve read online that eel skin is hardier than leather!

  • TH

    I love this, so pretty and timeless, and also it doesn’t scream exotic either.

  • Abby

    wow,nice….but the price is really high… does anybody konw some good on-line shop which sell handbags at good price? pls share with me, thank you very much :)

  • Cathy

    this is really cute!! also … does anyone else momentarily think bottega when they see this?

  • melinda

    i love this clutch !!! it is so timeless & you could wear it with so many different outfits. i think ted rossi is one of the best up-and-coming designers out there.

  • Catherine @ Salescoop

    This is a great clutch! It is not too expensive, and it goes with just about any outfit! It’s really cute too….I love the stitching. Good find.

  • shopaholic

    Eel…really? have we become so desperate to be different?