I usually kind of wish that Stella McCartney used leather for some of her bags, even though I can understand and respect why she chooses not to. Often, though, I find myself wondering if faux leather bags (or worse, simple canvas or nylon totes) are worth the steep price that she usually charges, and those thoughts have somewhat turned me off to the brand.

If there was a better way to get me reinterested than doing something stupendously odd like the Stella McCartney Wooden Accordion Clutch, however, than I can’t even imagine what it would be. This little bag is inventive but retro, technical but beautiful, and has 100% of my attention. I feel like I could play with it for hours.

Something about this clutch makes me think that Eames would enjoy it, but at the same time it reminds me of the old-fashioned structure behind the women’s clothing of a bygone era. The vintage duality of the curved wood is both minimal and ornate, but it makes me think that the clutch would be nearly ruined by actually using it.

I’m not saying that it would be physically harmed by use (although it might be, based on the strings that hold the wooden slats equidistant from one and other), but the lines that make the bag so fantastic would be interrupted and you’d lose a bit of the effect. That fear is at least partially justified by pictures of the bag with a removable satin pouch inside, which makes the little clutch’s structure hard to understand. This may be a great bag to look at, but it’s one that I’d want to own as a collector’s item, not a functional clutch. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2045.

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