I usually kind of wish that Stella McCartney used leather for some of her bags, even though I can understand and respect why she chooses not to. Often, though, I find myself wondering if faux leather bags (or worse, simple canvas or nylon totes) are worth the steep price that she usually charges, and those thoughts have somewhat turned me off to the brand.

If there was a better way to get me reinterested than doing something stupendously odd like the Stella McCartney Wooden Accordion Clutch, however, than I can’t even imagine what it would be. This little bag is inventive but retro, technical but beautiful, and has 100% of my attention. I feel like I could play with it for hours.

Something about this clutch makes me think that Eames would enjoy it, but at the same time it reminds me of the old-fashioned structure behind the women’s clothing of a bygone era. The vintage duality of the curved wood is both minimal and ornate, but it makes me think that the clutch would be nearly ruined by actually using it.

I’m not saying that it would be physically harmed by use (although it might be, based on the strings that hold the wooden slats equidistant from one and other), but the lines that make the bag so fantastic would be interrupted and you’d lose a bit of the effect. That fear is at least partially justified by pictures of the bag with a removable satin pouch inside, which makes the little clutch’s structure hard to understand. This may be a great bag to look at, but it’s one that I’d want to own as a collector’s item, not a functional clutch. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2045.

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  • BLynnT

    No, thank you. $2000 is a lot to pay for something you can’t actually use…

    • belle@ectomorph

      It’s imaginative and creative. Somehow the price doesn’t justify. For the rich and famous

  • Mochababe73

    Not for me. It looks like mini blinds.
    I have always thought the same thing about Stella’s handbags. Why plunk down so much money for faux when you can get the real thing? No matter what anyone says or tries to convince me otherwise, I just do ever foresee myself wanting faux leather bag.

  • Belle

    Too beautiful for words. I lovelovelovelove it.

  • Loquita

    Gorgeous! A work of art – but I wouldn’t use it, though.

  • cge

    This is one of those truly rare times when I believe a bag to be totally unique, unlike anything else out there. Very inventive. As Loquita said, a work of art. It is expensive, but it also looks like a lot of work went into its creation.

  • stacy

    It is a unique piece. I completely agree with you Amanda and I, too, want it for the collection aspect. (It also reminds me of a roladex that holds names and numbers.)

  • Haha I was going to write about this! It is a very innovative idea, but then you just throw a pouch inside so it can actually hold something. It is not very usable at all, but creative.

  • Natalie

    Very strange. I guess I’m just not high-end enough to get it.

  • CambridgeGal

    I also wish that designers would examine the leather/faux leather issue a little more closely. In addition to the cost issue – PVC bags do not seem to be worth paying $100 or more for – PVC is certainly not earth-friendly. ‘Animal-friendly’ products are often made with tons of chemicals that pollute waterways, the earth, and harm the people who are making the “leathers”. Meanwhile, people consume lots of meat, so animal hides are never going to be in short supply. I would just love to hear/read a more holistic discussion of leather vs. faux-leather, because I don’t believe that it’s as straighforward as it appears to be!

  • Stacy

    It must’ve been VERY popular – it sold out on Net-a-Porter

  • covertanjou

    No, no, no! It may be creative, but it is not a practical or beautiful purse. It looks, as someone else said, like mini-blinds.

  • Diane

    Cambridge Gal: leather that comes from cows that are slaughtered is just thrown away. Leather for fashion items/clothes comes from a completely different herd. It’s ridiculous and horribly wasteful.


    Looks like a wood shop project, NOT!!!!!

  • Sofia Nolan

    beautiful, so original

  • Reese

    here in the back woods of WV they have a craft fair and they sell these collapsing wood bowls. I can’t look at that without thing of this:

  • Kendra

    All you have to do is *snip* on one of those little strings an your pretty 2000 is broken.

    Not worth it. Bad design.

  • zippy14u

    Artful but not at all practical. So, what are you supposed to do with it? You could put one of your better bags in it and it could act as some kind of “guard”(y’know, like a “ring guard” would be for your ring) Could make a nice “birdcage”….

  • Karin bag4bag

    I suppose it is art rather than purse. Belongs in a gallery rather than on someone’s arm. Why mass produce something so impractical ? (One reason – everything Stella makes sells)

  • Sammi

    Its a great piece of decorative art but as a clutch?…. I can already imagine all the stuff falling out thru each crack(?). LOL at the comment about how they look like blinds.:P

  • Julie

    Come on, this is an OUTRAGEOUS price for this bag. The comments about the Knitted Chloe bag yesterday were along the same lines and yet this doesn’t even rate a mention? Isn’t chopping down trees an environmental no-no??

  • courtney

    I think it looks as tacky as blinds of the same nature….

  • sarahthetran

    original? yes. but– i find it kinda hilarious that a peta-champion has created the perfect object to trap an animal. or carry it around w/o worry. haha.

    either way. congrats to her. it sold out, right?! someone must love this enough to spend that cash. but… i WOOD not (sorry– shoulda had a ‘lame joke’ disclaimer haha).

  • tin canlas

    i think this belongs to a museum where it can be better appreciated as a piece of artistic woodwork …

  • Allison Croce

    lt looks very much like wooden blinds, and with the pouch in it, it looks like a hanibal lecter-esque contraption. surprising it sold out. LOL

  • Merve

    it looks like a girdle or an instrument for torture


    it’s an art clutch, beautiful, but i don’t want spend 2000 to buy this clutch (fb)

  • An4

    I can admire some of stella’s designs, but all things considered she’s just ridiculously overpriced. this clutch is interesting as a museum piece.


    The price is quite sharp.. but so is the bag..

    It is like a work of art, I really like it.

  • Cristina

    very artistic. doesn’t look like anything i’ve seen before.. which i love (fb)

  • Janice Johnston

    I don’t think this is my style at all. (FB)

  • Lizzie

    Yeah this is weird…I don’t like it and would NEVER buy it

  • Emily

    A great conversational piece but not really practical (fb)

  • Veronia Allen

    This is a very rare and different bag!! Would definitely turn heads!! (fb)

  • Rosanna

    This looks really cool and I love the look of it, but as others have mentioned, it’s probably not very practical.

    It reminds me of a rolodex lol. (fb)

  • Yenli

    Very strange looking and everyone totally see what’s inside lol (fb)

  • Maria

    not a fan…looks like window blinds! (Fb)

  • AimeeR

    I am not loving this bag. Cant really see the point of carrying a bag that you can put anything. Now as an art piece for the mantel? Yep! (fb)

  • Lydia

    I look at this and I think of the accordian my father used to play in the ’70s. And that is not a good thing (fb)

  • swags

    Not liking this at all. Not as an art piece, not as a clutch…it does nothing for me. (fb)

  • Su

    It’s def a piece to admire.. The workmanship is detailed n exquisite although not entirely practical lol.. Still something worth raving about (FB)

  • Sylvia Childress

    Love your innovative blog! (FB)

  • Jacqueline

    I agree, it is quite an expensive bag for it to be made of wood. I don’t imagine this could be carried around as a bag. (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    Whoa! I could not rock that clutch lol (fb)

  • Jocephine

    Not liking it, just thinking what inspired the creator to create this. (fb)

  • Gelynn

    Is this really a clutch? Looks like a wooden jockstrap..sorry! (fb)

  • Ruhee

    Totally agree with you Amanda.Its a collection piece.It would look great on a window display.

  • Ruhee

    oops..forgot to add fb.

  • Jenny

    do not like it (fb)

  • Beth

    I love it as a collector’s item but I could swear I’ve seen this (or similar) as a vintage design from the 50s. I can’t find an image, but I could swear I have. Probably made of lucite. Will keep looking. (fb)

    • peach

      yep, look at the book the history of purses, bag called the concertina. it’s there!

  • justanotherpurselover

    my lipstick would fall out! (fb)

  • Deborah Smith Spivey

    wow..very differennt..not sure what you would hold inside of it. Lots of money? maybe but even that would fall out. Not a bad idea…I think I would of made it to be more useful as it is lookful. Don’t think this one would call me name at any price….(fb)

  • Lydia M

    Don’t like it at all! (fb)

  • Hanna

    definitely dont think anyone else would have this, but i dont know how practical this is..

  • Sheila

    Not a fan of that bag! (fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    SOOO COOOOL. (fb)

  • Sandy Flores

    Cool but pricey. (fb)

  • Amanda

    I wouldn’t wear this bag, even if it is given to me for free (fb).

  • Karen

    OMFG I ADORE this bag!!! I don’t know why! it’s so far beyond being practical but who cares, it’s killer!!! Want this. (fb)

  • JennMSU

    I agree w/ AimeeR — more of an art piece! It would look pretty cool on a shelf w/ other knickknacks. Definitely not something you’d carry around items for “that time of the month” in, haha. (fb)

  • Tamee

    Definitely different! It reminds me of this trivet I saw that was cut out of one piece of wood spiral style that when pulled out, also made a bowl. Who knew?!!! Pretty ingenious if you ask me! (fb)

  • shopaholic

    Love Stella McCartney and loveeeee this bag!!! Its a beauty!
    This might not be very practical for some but then again its a clutch!
    who uses clutch for practicality…come on!

  • Tiff Chao

    It’s a unique clutch but not sure if I’d carry it. I’m afraid I might break it.

  • Adrienne Challinor

    interesting. fb

  • Debbie

    The price tag is ridiculous for a wooden bag. Not sure what I would put in it too considering it looks really fragile. (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    heheehe oooh talk about a head turning bag (fb)

  • Joy

    feels like stuff might fall out??
    not such a fan.
    sorry to say:(

  • Paula_Rose

    I don’t know why, but this makes me think of those leashes that look like you’re walking an invisible dog! It’s the purse that has invisible contents! (fb)

  • Molly

    I wouldn’t use it for practicality, but as a piece of art!

  • Pat

    Very eye-catching, but not for me. (fb)

  • Shine

    its unique but i dont see a bag at all, (fb)

  • ad

    its too forward and im a classic gal. so im voting a no for this one (fb)

  • kemi

    I feel like this is trying too hard to be interesting, so much so that it is not functional. It is fun to look at. (fb)

  • Barbara

    This is a museum piece. I love the architecture on it, but would be afraid to use it. It deserves to be on a pedestal & on display for people to see years from now. (fb)

  • Joyce

    Like that they were so creative..
    It’s more like art.. not something I would carry on any occasion. :)

  • Tiff Chao

    I don’t find this practical. (fb)

  • satany_caftan

    Beautiful piece of art more than a bag. (fb)

  • Nika

    This is just stupid (fb)

  • Naggy

    Sure, it is unique but it is unappealing; almost looks like a hammock for a baby. (ipad)

  • Flavadig

    I love the idea, but this bag belongs in a museum, not practical at all… but when have us girlies every been practical?!?
    There is a Scottish range of handbags called Rocio which have the same kind of retro feel and are created from eco friendly wood (whatever that means). I think I would rather spend my money on one from that collection. Prices are around £350, much more affordable, and I have spotted them on a couple of websites in the sale… even more affordable!