Hey everyone, let’s give Proenza Schouler a warm welcome to the handbag marketplace! Their current collection is the first evidence that I can find of any foray into the major purse leagues, and if I’m correct in that assessment, then I’d say they’re also the Rookie of the Year. I love the entire line, but I think my favorite is the Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pouchette.

Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pouchette

At 11″ long, though, I wouldn’t call this a pouchette – I’d call it a great day-to-night clutch. For some reason, the double straps are totally winning me over and giving this bag a very retro-meets-modern, edgy look. They remind me of the belt-like straps that schoolkids use in old movies to hold their books together, and I think the idea translates very nicely as a way to hold together everything that you need for your day-to-day life. The name also reminds me of how New York City names their public schools, although I’m sure it’s meant to denote the brand’s name and their inaugural handbag line. I’m going to pretend it’s supposed to be school-y, though, because it goes along better with my personal conception of the bag. Buy through Barney’s for $895.

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  • MizzJ

    Very cute though I’d prefer it in a different color, thank you

  • I absolutely love this line!!!!!!

  • patricia


  • Laura

    I like it, but am wondering how efficient it will be to get into with the wrap around straps.

  • Jane H.

    I could possibly kill for one of Proenza Schouler’s bags..

  • julie

    i love the color for accessories! it provides the most necessary pop of color needed for certain outfits.

    in response to the dvf beach bags, i would so use these gorgeous bags for the beach! i’m getting married in may and moving to hawaii so it would definitely be fashionable and practical to sport one of those around town!

  • bindc

    Great color. I love it.

  • QueenMAB

    Adore the lines & the look, but I find this color really hard to coordinate.

  • Maura

    Great look and a bit edgy but the color is so hard to pull off, it’s that shade that looks so bad in a blouse/skirt/dress.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I like the style and the color…..I like the casual look of jeans and tank with an unmatched bag in a funky color. I actually have some unusual colored bags that I use all the time…the trick is good design and texture.

  • Alexa

    that is gorgeous, wish i could afford it!

  • I actually really love this color in something like a bag or pair of shoes – it can go with an enormous range of colors, when you think about it. I like my accessories to be colorful (I’m a Balenciaga girl myself) since a lot of my clothes are black, grey or navy. Bright colors are way more useful than I once gave them credit for. But, for those that don’t feel the love for this one, they also make it in a really pretty gunmetal.

  • anna

    i like the color but i never considered this style of bag before…. i just like to carry too much stuff in my purse

  • Shawna

    I like the shape of the bag; but I’m on the fence about the color.

  • Merve

    I think i would go for the gunmetal. I like the colour but if i bought it I would just be staring at thinking “what an earth am i supposed to wear with this?” I am one of those people that dresses according to the handbag I want to use. Does anyone else do that? My friends think its ridiculous when i make them go shopping for a certain colour top a need to go with my bag.

  • hazel

    Ohhh I like that, nice color and I love the shape

  • Ji

    love the green, but I dont really like the style

  • me

    It reminded me of old schoolbags as well, and I love that!

  • Catherine

    Love the color. I am not a trendy-trendy-going-out-to-clubs person so I have yet to succomb to the charm of clutches but I have been thinking of getting one lately. Now that would be my choice if only a bit cheaper…
    So while this recession is settling in, let’s wait for the knockoffs – I’m sure they will come soon!!

  • ally

    that color is the dopeness!

  • Julia

    The schoolkid’s belt like straps was a cute comment, I completely agree!

  • Megan

    I really like the color and shape of it.

  • Rochelle K

    I donno – unless its my computer screen, the color makes me think of pea soup circa The Exorcist…not a big fan.

  • Zarka

    I like this color…I think that this color is in this year….