Prada Raso Silver Clutch

For a dressy clutch without an absurd price, the Prada Raso Silver Clutch is a definite contender. While browsing Saks last week I saw this clutch in person and both Vlad and I absolutely loved it. The pleated silver satin is the perfect swoon-worthy gray color. The dimensions were perfect to have this be hand held, measuring 11″W X 6″H X 1″D. Yet for the life of me I could not figure out how to open this clutch. I pressed, pulled, shook, shimmied, and snapped, but nothing. Finally an SA came over and trying to make a sale told me it was very easy to open; “there is a side clasp that is easy to use”. That was a huge lie. It was not easy to use at first nor easy to find. But this does mean the clutch will not be bursting open easily or letting any of your goods slip out. The price is right and the design is beautiful. Via Saks for $695.

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  • justified

    Love it…and gray is the new black for the fall :) :mrgreen:

  • amyxandra

    Love the soft shiny satin pleats. Hate the logo that effectively removes all the elegance in one fell swoop. I guess I should just stop visiting this website. To me, $695 seems like way too much money for a fabric clutch.

    • kateholli

      totally agreed

  • bargainhunter

    Not sure about this one!

  • Jasmine

    You are absolutely right. I could not open it either…

  • Jodi

    I have watched the SATC movie way too many times. I loved this clutch in the green shade Charlotte used to cary her pudding, it seemed to be a decent size bag to hold pudding. I actually watched her open the clutch in the mexican restaurant scene; put the film on slow motion because I couldn’t figure out where the clasp was. It seemed easy enough for her, almost effortless, she slid her hand in one side and it opened right away. (Maybe after many takes!) Anyway, I have coveted this since the movie came out and am just reading this post today, 2/18/09 as I am looking for the green and can only find Violet and Black. I will probably end up with the Violet. This bag will always be in fashion and will hold up for the rest of my life! So glad I saw this post to confirm the clasp position!