Anyone who watches Project Runway with any regularity knows that Michael Kors is all about classic American sportswear, and his handbags usually reflect that ethos. They’re rarely fashion-forward or challenging, but they’re almost always made in functional shapes and of beautiful leather.

The Michael Kors Hadley Python Clutch is about as edgy as Kors gets, but as the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. With this design, the brand has gained itself a place in fall’s military trend as well as my handbag-loving heart.

Brown python perhaps isn’t very edgy, but the color variation in this instance is just enough to perfectly accent the natural texture of the python, and the slightly bronze finish gives the material a bit of a Mad Max feel. The closure is easily the most interesting part of the design, however, and it simultaneously looks like the strap of a perfectly aged vintage watch and some sort of post-apocalyptic metal belt. Since the lines of the clutch are simple, all of those subtly different elements work together to make one beautiful clutch with lots of style. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $995.

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  • Laura

    I saw this on the MK website a few weeks ago and I falled in love immediately. I love MK designs because they’re simple and elegant, somewhat timeless.

  • Ping

    MK items tend to be copies of other designers..this bag is a poor man’s version of Hermes Medor clutch (of course $995 is not exactly cheap)..This is not a criticism, rather i admire his reasonable pricing for a very cute bag.

  • mochababe73

    Wow. I buy Michael Kors all of the time, and I don’t consider his handbags, clothes, shoes, or accessories to be a poor man’s anything. I am a teacher, and I love his line because it is affordable and luxurious without the big price tag. His line is timeless, and I still have handbags from years ago that still feel modern now.
    I love this clutch. It’s very much my style even though I am not a fan of exotic animal skins.

  • Ping

    mochababe73, You read my comment out of context. Compare to Hermes, it is the poor man version of the medor bag (which I stand by my comment). I did also mention his reasonable pricing compare to some other designers. I actually have one of his gold python clutches from a few seasons ago. You being a teacher does not mean you are a poor man, it’s an expression I used.
    To be truthful, the Mk and Kors lines esp for clothes shoes, and bags from Michael Kors like many other designers’ affordable lines (ck, dkny) tend to churn out often copies of many high end brands, but without the quality or the same material. That said, I do think MK makes a cute a clutch.

    • merve

      I have the gold python clutch too but i much prefer this one now. I know what you mean about churning out copies without the same quality but the great thing about MK here in Europe is that not everyone is so used to him so he hasnt really slipped into a 2nd category designer.

  • 19yearslater

    It looks like it has my grandma’s watch wrapped around it.

    • !!!

      that is exactly what i was thinking!


    I refuse to buy anything from a man whose life is about fashion but never wears anything but a black tee and black blazer. Sorry, seems like a nice guy too, but geez, put a little effort into it.

  • gacats

    I wish MK was my personal stylist not to mention my bff- I love him! (fb)

  • Meredith

    I have a blush python clutch of MK’s from last season that I adore. I bought a satchel that after using I felt “meh” about – but boy, do I love that clutch. I’m putting this one on my list to own this year as well.

  • Karin bag4bag

    This clutch has a certain something. And if it does look like someone’s Grandpa’s watch wrapped around it – who says that is a bad thing ! I do always find myself looking at the Michael Kors collection, not always buying, but always looking. For me they have a certain something…
    (It is so nice to be back catching Purseblog again- know no one cares but wanted to say it!)

  • Naggy

    This looks like fashion meets archaeology in a good way. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    ohhhh.. love the tone on the bronze finishing..
    this is really something different making it more edgy indeed.. (ipad)